ImmerQi – An alternative way to get to know China

immerqiFor all of you, language learners, who are thinking of taking the plunge and moving to China in order to experience from up close what this faraway, appealing and strange place has to offer, we are happy to present ImmerQi, an organization that can help you figure out what to do or where to go, but also provide you with support throughout your stay in China. Chinese Tools interviewed Reece Ayers, the company’s International Marketing Coordinator and here is what he has to say!


Can you give us some background information on ImmerQi?

ImmerQi (Formally known as IES Global) has been around for just over 21 years. Providing life-changing experiences for foreigners eager to explore China, ImmerQi offers a range of programs to suit a variety of needs, including opportunities in teaching, working, studying, volunteering and travelling!


What do you feel are your biggest achievements so far?

In my 3 years in China, I’ve experienced a plethora of exciting opportunities. Teaching in rural China was amazing and eye opening; travelling to Huaxi, the richest village in the world; conquering Mt. Pan in Tianjin. The most amazing part of my journey so far has been the opportunity to star in a short independent movie and be the focus of a documentary about foreigners living in China.


What kind of local support do you provide participants with?

24/7. All of ImmerQi’s programs provide applicants with round the clock support and advice. As an intern, I found it very reassuring to have ImmerQi behind me should any issues arise during my internship. All program applicants are assigned a personal advisor who they can contact night and day whether it be an emergency or just for some helpful advice.


What advice would you give to language learners who are thinking of moving to China to better their language skills? What is the best way to achieve that goal?

China can be a tricky country to access without the help of an established program. Obviously, it’s the best place in the world to learn Chinese; being immersed in the language helps progress tenfold – be sure to side with a reputable company, keep your future open as much as possible and study hard – there’s nothing more rewarding than realizing that you’ve just held an entire conversion in another language!


How do you select teachers for your English teaching program?

We look for exciting, confident and open-minded individuals who are passionate about travel and culture as well as education and teaching. People who aren’t afraid to step outside of their comfort zone, get stuck in with things and have a heart for helping are perfect for our teaching program.


What does a volunteer in China need to keep in mind?

Keep in mind that there’s always more ways you can help. China has developed faster than any other country in history – unfortunately this rapid movement has left some communities behind, often the ones that are most in need of help. Keep an eye out for more opportunities for you to help out your local community, whether it’s attending charity events, giving up your weekend to teach English to street children or simply just buying your vegetables from a local shop instead of the supermarket!


Why should one choose an internship in China over an internship in the western world?Take a look at the economy section of any publication and you’ll see a story about China. China is on the path to becoming the largest economy in the world. Employers place enormous value on applicants who have experience working in China and who can speak the language. Soon, Chinese will be taught in schools around the world. Besides the academic and employment opportunities in China, it’s an excellent place to travel and experience an entirely different culture.