A word a day keeps the doctor away

logoThis week we bring to you a very interesting website to help you get your vocabulary going! Learn Chinese Every Day is a tool that was developed with a sole focus: simplicity. Min Min, it’s creator, decided to help Chinese learners overcome the difficulties they encounter while learning the language by implementing a simple rule: learn one character a day, learn it well, and by the end of every study week you will feel certain about what you know. We asked her to present her work to us and show us how her website works. We hope that this will help you start another exciting week of language learning!

Do you want to learn Chinese, but have little to no knowledge about how to begin? Chinese is a difficult language for most people to learn, but it’s not impossible. The website, LearnChineseEveryday.com, gives you the resources you need in order to master this complex language. The concept of the website is simple; basically, you learn one Chinese character a day and work your way from there.

The attention grabber of this website is its original setup. It is definitely user friendly, easy to navigate through, and contains a wealth of information that comes in handy for someone wanting to learn the language. The website currently contains 1200 Chinese characters after 5 years of posting, and continues to expand. That by itself is extremely impressive!

LearnChineseEveryday.com makes it simple to memorize the Chinese characters. The site has a daily character picture that is big and bold with animated stroke order to show exactly how to write the Chinese character. Next to it there is an audio clip that helps you to hear the pronunciation of the word. Under that there is a list of radical, traditional characters, total strokes, usage (popularity), common phases/words, example sentences (English sentence, Pinyin and translation of all words in the sentence). You can begin learning almost immediately with the help of all of these key features.


The weekend free worksheet downloads are another amazing aspect of the website. You can use them at the end of each week of study in order to practice everything you have learned. This keeps the information fresh in your mind, tests your memory, and ensures that you are fully grasping the concepts. You can also use these worksheets to figure out what is unclear to you. Then, you can go back to what you have studied and overcome the difficulties you are enountering. There are also weekly activities, which can be a huge help.


You can also sign up on their website to receive a free Pinyin ebook. Learning Hanyu Pinyin is a must when learning to speak Chinese; it is the basic foundation of the language. This book provides 24 lessons, in which you participate in every day. This free ebook will enhance your learning and give you the tools you need in order to successfully grasp the language


Lastly, LearnChineseEveryday.com provides you with a Common Chinese Words application, based on the HSK Level 1. This download provides you with the commonly used Chinese words and characters, worksheets, example sentences, grammar notes, and more.


Overall, this website is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn Chinese. It provides many resources, to ensure maximum understanding. Using their tools, you will be well on your way to perfecting your knowledge of the Chinese language!