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[Gwendoline Mo, 2008-07-29] Olympic Games Olympic Stadium

A group of peasants in the region of Hangzhou carried out a duplicate of the famous Beijing Olympic Stadium in two weeks.

[Gwendoline Mo, 2008-07-28] beach weihai

Yesterday (27th July), Tens of thousands of tourists enjoy the cool in Weihai 威海 (in Shandong Province - 山东省) International Beach, the scene is very spectacular.

[Gwendoline Mo, 2008-07-27] Olympic Games BBC Monkey King Journey to the West

A mix of traditional Chinese culture and modern animation. The clip is directed by Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn.

[Labarik, 2008-07-25] Mickey Olympic Games Beijing

Statues of Mickey Mouse, with Chinese characteristics, celebrate the Olympic games in the capital's parks. The counterfeit still has some good days in China.

mickey beijing

[Labarik, 2008-07-24] Fuwa mascots Olympic Games

Chinese internet users are having a field day and show an amazing creativity ! A bit of scorn is welcome in the middle of the huge marketing hype surrounding the olympic games.

cartoon fuwa

[Labarik, 2008-07-22] Olympic Games painting Beijing

An Arts school in Beijing has organised a face painting contest with an Olympic Games theme. The creations will be exposed on the internet so that the public can elect the best.

face painting

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