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[Labarik, 2007-11-21] Olympic Games motor show

Volkswagen presented its new models at the 5th automobile exhibition in Guangzhou. The cars were then sent on a promotional tour of China.

new beetle olympic games

[Labarik, 2007-09-12] bank record

The lady from Shandong who arrived at the bank loaded with half a million yuans in small notes was refused her deposit.

Bank record

[Labarik, 2007-08-07] Dalian beer

Dalian, 7th August 2007. The 10th Dalian beer festival concluded yesterday.. 2 million visitors and as many liters of beer consumed in 12 days of binge drinking.

Dalian beer festival

[Labarik, 2007-06-06] crowd in China

The work market is ultra competitive in China as these photos, taken at the start of the month during the employment forum in Shenzhen, show.

Forums employment china

[Labarik, 2005-11-29] school advertising formula one

The new uniform of the Kunming primary school has created a debate. Like the image of a jumpsuit worn by a formula 1 driver, they drive the likeness by displaying the same sponsors, among them Marlboro, Shell, Vodafone, Bridgestone and Ferrari.

sponsored schoolboys uniforms

[Labarik, 2004-10-28] gold record

The Taiwanese have entered the Guinness Book of Records after casting a 220 kilo gold ingot. 21,25cm high, its price is estimated at more than 3 million euros.

220 kilos ingot
The ingot will be exposed in the Gold Museum Jinguashi in Taipei.

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