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October 2008, Trend Health magazine invited female celebrities to pose for the breast cancer awareness campaign. Featuring diving queen Guo Jingjing, Ma Yili, Cheng Chong, He Lan...

Pink Ribbon 2008
Ma Yili - 马伊琍, Chen Chong -陈冲 et He Lan - 柯蓝

[Gwendoline Mo, 2008-09-30] Gong Weiqi Chinese models fashion

Being Regarded as mixed blood sometimes, Gong Weiqin has unique skin color and perfect figure. These photos of Weiqi have published on many many Chinese forums with hot click.

[Gwendoline Mo, 2008-09-29] Huo Siyan Chinese actress

Relaxing in a lying pose, Huo Siyan uses another way to "sell" bags. Huo is a lady-bag fans, she has been collecting about 600 of different bags! Most of bags are name brand, very expensive. No wonder Huo said this time she enjoyed the work very  much.

Lulin Deng a young Chinese student of 23 years currently in France was crowned this afternoon in Paris and will represent the city at the Miss China Europe pageant on December 12, in The Hague. Runners-up are Donna Ye, 25 and Nancy Tran, 23.

Miss China France - Lulin Deng
Donna Ye, Lulin Deng and Nancy Tran

[Gwendoline Mo, 2008-09-28] Maggie Cheung nude photo Chinese actress Guilin

The photos of the famous Chinese actress published on a popular forum sparked a real media whirlwind. The photos are regrouped under the title « country side half nude ».

maggie cheung scandalous half nude photos

[Labarik, 2008-09-27] Lin Zhiling Chinese models gala

The Gala organised in Taipei is the perfect moment to present the latest creations from the luxurious brands. Lin Zhiling captivated the dumbstruck audience with her inimitable charm.

lin zhiling gala regent

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