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Can anyone help me translate a story about autism into Chinese?
Posted by: Msinglynx (IP Logged)
Date: December 22, 2011 05:49PM
I wrote this story intending thinking to share some of the stuff I write with my Chinese friends (my usual stories are much to long and complex). I was hoping someone here might be willing to help me translate it into putonghua. I make a point of using language that never specifies that the puppet is a person until the end. I dont know if that is possible to do in Chinese but if anyone wants to practice their translation skills, I welcome the attempt. And feel free to share your translation, just please attribute it to my Weibo in case people want to find some of my other stories/articles: []

There once was a puppet that lived in a box. It had a square opening on one side and a rectangle on the other, through which sometimes her owners would appear. They would pick her up, dress her, carry her around and put her away at the end of the day without the least bit of interest in a mere puppet's thoughts. Or maybe they simply assumed she could not think.
But puppet could think and move and even walk on her own! And often did when she was alone, from one side of her box to the other, stumbbling, shuffling, dragging her feet or bouncing on her toes. Some days she simply stood in the same place and rocked back and forth. All the while she was thinking.
One day a dog broke into her box, the rectangle exploding open, the puppet fell to the floor with a crash. Something was... different... something... in her chest was knocking, knocking, knocking so fast! And a wooshing sound could be heard coming from her head.
The owners came to remove the dog, leaving her prone on the floor they whispered to each other "what's wrong? what's wrong?" until someone finally realized and said the right words "she is just feeling afraid." They left her on the floor and went away. The puppet thought to herself, "What is this thing, a feeling? Blood rushing loudly in my veins, my breath moving in and out while my limbs shake? Is this fear? Is this feeling?"
The dog came to visit again the next day, more quietly this time, he crept in to the space, sneaking along the floor, sidling up to the puppet swaying and staring at nothing. He laid down on the floor and watched her. After a while she flopped down as well, as if strings tied to her limbs had all been cut at once. She laid over the dog, hands in his fur, she moved them back and forth, back and forth. Reminded herself "this is a feeling." Laid her head on the dogs back and thought "this is a sound" listening to the fast thud, thud, thud of his heart beating, she thought of herself, her own heart beating her thoughts into her head. She realized dogs can also fear, she discovered empathy.
Every day dog came to visit puppet and every day she learned a little more. Sometimes she played games, rolling around, jumping, running, but other days she just wanted to lok at things, or touch them, carefully, exploring the feeling, the ideas running through her brain. Puppet could read but not speak. Reading books she learned ideas, concepts, new ways to think.
Suddenly one day puppet realized something. She was a human, a person, not a thing. She could feel and think, she was not owned. Suddenly puppet was free, not a puppet anymore.

Re: Can anyone help me translate a story about autism into Chinese?
Posted by: Savannah (IP Logged)
Date: December 23, 2011 02:10AM
It is kind of pretty long buddy. It is going to take me weeks or months to do thatsad smiley I am sorry, can't help on this.

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