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sell the biogas desulfurization tower
Posted by: Chenrunyu (IP Logged)
Date: August 05, 2013 04:13AM
Biogas Desulfurizer,biogas desulfurization tower, biogas desulfurizer for mathane generating system,Biogas Desulfurizer and Dehydrator

1.Remove H2S by using desulfurizer.2.Good performance.3.High efficient of H2S removal
biogas desulfurization tower, biogas desulfurizer for mathane generating system,A lot of hydrogen sulfide (H2S, a kind of toxic gas )can be generated from the anaerobic fermentation. H2S combines with water, can form strong reducibility acid which can corrode the pipeline, equipment, flowmeter,etc. H2S combustion can pollute the atmosphere and harm human health. The role of the desulfurization equipment is to remove H2S by Fe2O3. H2O efficient desulfurization agent.
Guangdong Huizhou Biogas Science and Technology Co., Ltd is the production base of dry desulfurizer. The desulfurizer and the desulfurizing tower matches each other, this can reach high effective performance and extend the replacement cycle of desulfurizer. Meanwhile, our company use advanced shot blasting craft on the internal surface of the equipment in the process of manufacturing, this can firmly connect the epoxy resin anticorrosive coating and the primary structure, extend the working life of the equipment.
When the desulfurization equipment working, the biogas enters from the bottom of the equipment, reacted with Fe2O3.H2O to generate Fe2S3. H2O when go through the desulfurizer bed, so as to achieve the purpose of the removal of H2S. The H2S content(≤20 mg/Nm3) is low in the exit. There is a detector in the exit of the equipment, can make the detection and the replacement of the desulfurizer more datamation and scientification, make the running of the system more security and reliable.
There are different sizes of desulphurizer:

1) Family size desulphurizer
Net weight: 1kg
Can treat 200m3 biogas
2) Medium size desulphurizer
Net weight: 100kg
Can treat 20000m3 biogas
3)Large size desulphurizer

Model Size parameters Rate of flow
(m3/h) Pressure
(kpa) Diameter
BOYSZ-300 300x1350mm 10 12-30 32/50/75
BOYSZ-400 400x1350mm 15 12-30 32/50/75
BOYSZ-5OO 400x1350mm 20 12-30 32/50/75
BOYSZ-600 600x2250mm 30 12-30 32/50/75
BOYSZ-800 800x2250mm 40 12-30 32/50/75
BOYSZ-1000 1000x2250mm 50 12-30 32/50/75
BOYSZ-1500 1500x2250mm 60 12-30 32/50/75
BOYSZ-2000 2000x3750mm 80 12-30 32/50/75
Interface caliber: ø50(PVC flanch)
Desulfurizer filling: 250KGS once
Application scope: Desulfurization for medium and smallsize biogas plant
Suitable toinstall indoor and outdoor
If you are interested in this, please visit our official website:
Or contact our customer service phone 86 +0752
+2992255.We will provide you with more specialized questions

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