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Seminar: Want to know more about working in China?
Posted by: Mandarinclick (IP Logged)
Date: November 25, 2013 10:40PM
Time: 7pm 2013-12-6
Location: Mandarinclick, Jiahui International Center, Chao Yang Men Wai St.,Beijing
More and more foreigners come to China not for a short-time travel, but a long-term stay and work in this fast developing country. With the development of Globalization and China’s foreign policy, there are plenty of positions calling for foreigners, and more and more foreigners are willing to work in China. Our seminar will help you to get a general idea of working in China, and find an ideal job.

The following 8 topics will be discussed in this seminar:

Working environment for foreigners in China
Recent job market both in and out of China
What kinds of jobs do foreigners take in China?
Access to useful recruitment information
Job applications in China
Problems you might come across in looking for a job
Preparations you need to make
Tips for Succeeding in China’s Changing Job Market

Seminar Target:
Our seminar aims at offering you practical and useful knowledge and information about working of foreigners in China, helping you find an ideal job here.
Those who have just arrived in China without much knowledge about this work environment. Those who may have worked in China for some time but are not satisfied with what they are doing for a job. Those who want to find answers to their problems and confusions during their job seeking in China.

To make reservation, please send email to,
or call (010) 85728819. You can come to the seminar only with our confirmation.

For more information, please visit our website;

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