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Guangzhou interpreter, business guide, outsourcing,
Posted by: Williamtee63 (IP Logged)
Date: April 11, 2015 04:54AM
Guangzhou interpreter/translator/business guide/outsourcing

Profile of the translator ! Freelance guangzhou interpreter tour guide, shenzhen interpreter
My name is William Tee, I live in Guangzhou, only a few steps far from the Canton Fair Complex. I am an experienced Chinese-English translator, interpreter and tour planner. I speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese. My previous experience includes working for a translation company for 5 years and in import-export for another 3 years. I have been working as a Guangzhou interpreter & translator since 2007.
I don’t work through an agency. I am independent. As an English-Mandarin & English-Cantonese interpreter/translator and city-and-the-culture guide, I am dedicated to offering the best tour & translation service, or one package service to business people for their business meetings, negotiations and tour. My profession is to ensure my clients have a comfortable and efficient business trip or tour.
The wide range of fields that I had involved in include: manufacturing and trade of precise auto parts (e.g. Equipments, devices, processing), paper cup, baking cup, PET paper cup, Muffin Cup, paper, iPhones & accessories, I pad's, Shoes, construction materials, furniture's, toys (BB's and giant) ,garments and glasses, interpreting for Environmental project, small legal cases and tours, etc. I have translated numerous of documents in a wide range of fields.
Services I offer
A. I offer interpretation services to overseas clients who travel to China for trade shows, meetings, negotiations, tours and etc. Additionally, as a Chinese, it's my pleasure to uphold its extensive culture. So, for overseas clients who want to know the real China and its culture, you are always welcome to join me!
B. Offer package services to business people (stars hotels + commercial cars with driver + guide/consecutive or escort interpreter).
C. Offering assists to rent short-term apartments for tourists.
D. Document translation (with CAT tools).
Why hire William? de
As a kind reminder to clients who are looking to hire an interpreter. Please do not only focus on the cheapest. Find an interpreter who speaks English fluently, does not ask for tips, and does not ask for hidden commissions from your suppliers. Most importantly, hire someone who gives it his or her all (IE. his or her research).
As a translator, the documents that I have translated cover a wide range of fields and industries.
For instance, r
• Environmental conservation projects
• Tender & bid document
• Energy exploration
• Financial statements, Auditor's report, Specification on Capital Verification, Articles of Association
• Websites
• Cultural and historical landscape descriptions
• Legends
• Stories
• Advertisements and brochures
• Government documents
• Bank files
• Visa application filing
• SGS reports and certificates.
The documents I’ve translated have totaled more than 2 million words.
Below are my contact details again. Feel free to drop me an email and I’ll be happy to assist you while and before you are in China.

Guangzhou interpreter, translator

Cell: +8618998365038
Skype: Williamtee63

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