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French lessons in Guangzhou (62 RMB/hour)
Posted by: Parley (IP Logged)
Date: June 09, 2011 08:53AM
want to learn a romantic language?

Our method is communicative. we focus on what you can actually DO in the target language (ex: order a meal, on how you actually USE it and SPEAK it, not on test scores.

You will learn the target language the same way you learned your mother tongue
Because it appeals to all senses: auditory, visual, kinesthetic, retention is high.

It’s a Pay-as-you-go system, just like tutoring. Just come, make the payment for one lesson only, then enjoy the lesson.

Each lesson’s content is independent of other lessons. Which means that it’s ok if you miss one lesson.

We do groups of maximum 4 at 62.5rmb/hour per person.

This is when it takes place:
Monday: from 6 pm to 9pm
Wednesday: from 2 pm to 5 pm
Saturday: from 1 pm to 3 pm
(for each of those days: 1st hour: beginner. 2d hour: intermediate. 3d hour: advanced.)

If interested, just call or email before to confirm you’re coming!

Private: 136 6066 4814
Office: 159 9996 9534
metro station :2d worker cultural palace (line 2) (市二宫) exit E
100, Jiang nan da dao zhong, room 2709
江南大道中100号, 27 楼09房

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