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looking for chinese and italian teachers
Posted by: Tr (IP Logged)
Date: July 23, 2011 08:25AM
hi my name is gulsah. i am a computer teacher in a private school in istanbul. i am 33.

i am sending this mail to you thats why i have a project theme and i want to tell you.

at 2012 in turkey will be Chinese Year. and At 2012 in Italy will be Turkey year. And At 2013 in Chinese will be Turkey year.

So I decided to make a school project this year with my students. So I need italian and Chinese teachers. Who has got students 12-17 years old.

In this project we will tell each other about our countries, culture etc.. We will learn about Italy and Chinese and they will learn about Turkey.

And Also in this project we will tell about Citta slow Cities in Turkey. (There are 5 beautiful citta Slow city in Turkey.) and as i know in chinese there is 1 Citta Slow city and in italy there are lots of. why i interested with citta slow cities. because in 2013 in Turkey will be an international exhibition about citta slow cities in the world. all countries citta slow city responsible peeople will come to turkey for that exhibition. there are more than 100 city in the world about it.

and maybe we can write a book about it at the end of the project period and we can tell it in that exhibition.

And also in italy there is a village. Its name is Moena. and it is called as a Turkish Village. Its so interesting. Ilearned Moenas story why it is called as a Turkish Village. It is very interesting. And lots of Turkish people dont know anything about Moena. By this project we can tell people about Moena too. And it can be very helpful for the tourism between 2 countries.

And in Turkey there are lots of chinese shops. We can learn chinese people, culture, food, religion, historical and touristic places etc...

As a resault I need Italian and Chinese teachers who will work seriously on this school project during this school year. If you know anybody else who can interest with this project subject pls send my mail to her/him. If you interested my mail pls contact [email protected]

Thanks, Bye

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