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Does Your Chinese Language Course Address Your Learning Goals?
Posted by: Herzog (IP Logged)
Date: August 15, 2011 10:25PM
Students, both adult and kids, seeking to learn Chinese as a second language often need guidance based on their learning goals. Some need to learn Chinese for business purpose which requires a different mindset. Tourists visiting China might want to be comfortable with Chinese used in daily conversation. Others might be interested in Chinese culture and history and would need proficiency in the language. While some might want to make a career in Chinese as a teacher, translator or interpreter considering the various job opportunities. Or you might want to learn Mandarin Chinese simply as a hobby. The goals are all different and hence the learning approach would have to be different as well.
which learning method is best?

However most of the time a conventional classroom session does not address these learning goals effectively. A better option today which is more suited for people with specific needs is to learn Chinese online. The benefits of learning online are quite obvious in the sense that you get to learn anytime and anywhere at your convenience. Also online Chinese language schools are much more comfortable to study with considering the fact that most offer various courses designed for students with special needs.

One can choose from courses that teach conversing in Chinese with emphasis on business vocabulary and etiquettes ideal for professionals who interact with clients from China. Crash courses that teach you basic conversation skills in a short timeframe are best suited for people who are visiting China as tourists or for business purpose. The study method in online Chinese language schools is also more interactive and fun filled with learning aids like sound and video clips and whiteboards which enable the student to better grasp the nuances of script writing and pronunciation.

Online Chinese courses are generally conducted on monthly, quarterly or annual basis. The students’ level of progress is tested by way of online exams. The curriculum or syllabus is customized to suit the learning requirement. Reputed Chinese language tutors are usually graduates with certification to teach Chinese as a second language and prior experience in conducting online teaching sessions.

the different aspects of learning Chinese

Students who have learnt Chinese online often find it easier to comprehend the various aspects of the language. Mastery over Chinese can be achieved if one focuses on

1. Writing


2. Listening


3. Speaking


4. Thinking

Unlike conventional classrooms wherein students with different learning skills and goals have to attend a general course students in online schools can learn all aspects of Chinese at their own pace. This also enables the student to get used to thinking in Chinese, the most important part of learning.

Here are some facts related to the Chinese language

Spoken by over 1 billion people, more than any other language worldwide
The history of the language goes back thousands of years and knowledge of Chinese open the doors to one of the richest cultures
Chinese is expected to be a prominent language in international business systems post China joining the WTO
&Nations around the world have important diplomatic and trade relations with China and knowledge of Chinese brings with it economic advantages and opportunities.

刘雪飞 (Michael)
Yes! Chinese (中文天下文化传播)

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