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The Most Open Beach in China--Sanya
Posted by: Sherryzhou (IP Logged)
Date: April 03, 2013 08:44AM
Foreigner friends always told me there is no beach in China could see the open Chinese , because they have been seen many Chinese people on the beach in a strange condition : people are all gathering in a group, some are dressing up long sleeves or long trousers , wearing face mask or swimming in the water with clothes on, holding umbrellas and hiding in the shadows, even the swimming suit is covered as much as possible although there is nothing need to be covered ... why go to the beach but try to avoid the sun?

Why do you need to be shy when you have a nice figure? Versus foreigners, who are opposite from Michael Jackson, from being totally white and turning into totally black within few days, even their bottom is black as well because they took off everything in public!
Some foreigners don’t care how much is covered! Even although they are overweight. Chinese wonder, “why don’t they feel embarrassed” or worry they are being stared at by skinny people on the beach? It seems different perceptions affect human behavior. Foreigner it seems, don’t care too much how other people look at them, but Chinese care too much!

This summer, I spent my vacation with friends in Sanya city in Hainan province; it is the most southern island of China.
Sanya means, “Deer city”. In Latin is “Cervus eldi hainanus”. In order to make the city special the government named Sanya after the unique protected deer, which is indigenous to Hainan.

In Sanya there is warm weather all year with fresh air, clean water, many nice beaches, natural sightseeing and many things to do. More and more people from many countries are coming to this island, and it’s become an international tourist beach in China.

Probably, foreigners go to the beach for three reasons:
1. Get a tan.
2. Relaxing and drinking beer on the beach.
3. Watch hot ladies in bikinis.
What about Chinese? They also go to the beach for three reasons:
1. Go with friends in a group.
2. Go to eat seafood.
3. Take pictures or shopping.
However, no matter what reason will be, Sanya will fulfill your expectation. (Below the beach is Yalong bay).......smiling smiley

To read more with pictures pls goes to link as below(coz i can't put pics here):

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