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Chinese character 不 ( bù - bú ) calligraphy
bù - bú
: (particule) (negative prefix) / not / no
: (particule) (when directly preceding a tone 4) / not / no
Stroke order
Stroke order of chinese character 不
the sky 一 as a limit, blocking the bird 小
Frequently-used words or phrases
不必bù bì need not / does not have to
不错bù cuò correct / right / not bad / pretty good
不但bù dàn not only (... but also...)
不得不bù dé bù have no choice or option but to / cannot but / have to / can't help it / can't avoid
不得了bù dé liǎo desperately serious / disastrous / extremely / exceedingly
不断bù duàn unceasing / uninterrupted / continuous / constant
不过bù guò only / merely / no more than / but / however / only
不好意思bù hǎo yì si feel embarrassed / be ill at ease / find it embarrassing (to do sth)
不久bù jiǔ not long (after) / before too long / soon / soon after
不论bù lùn no matter (what, who, how, etc.) / whether / or / regardless of
不如bù rú not equal to / not as good as / inferior to / it would be better to
不行bù xíng won't do / be out of the question / be no good / not work / not be capable
不幸bù xìng misfortune / adversity / unfortunate / sad / unfortunately
不用bù yòng need not

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