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kIM (16/08/2017 11:41:20)
please translate two names into Chinese


ZEESHAN (16/08/2017 06:48:13)
KARTHIK (14/08/2017 05:28:11)
I would like to have my name translated in chinese.
Syed Usama Haider (12/08/2017 23:06:50)
convert ito chinese
Tiffany Ong (09/08/2017 11:58:28)
Ow Kai Wei
harpreet (09/08/2017 11:38:00)
cleino (08/08/2017 18:24:07)
solicitação de nome para chinese
Melissa (08/08/2017 16:34:58)
Hello! I am doing a u it study on China with my children and would love for them to see their names translated, but they can not be found in any database. Their names are:

Thank you SO MUCH
Marc-André (08/08/2017 06:30:15)
I would like to have my name translated in chinese. My name is Marc-André but it could be Marc Andre. Thank
Laura (01/08/2017 16:50:11)
I just translated my name Laura and it was Lao2La1 . I'd want to know, what does it mean in chinese, cause i want to choose a chinese name for me. I want it to be similar to my usuall name as more as possible, but i also want it to have a good meaning. Maybe you also can suggest me some great choices? Thanks a lot! :)) Sorry for such a long request. ;D
Rod (01/08/2017 07:28:24)
Can you please translate my name (rodil - vidal)into chinese character.. i just want to make it as a decal for my car..
Guri (28/07/2017 19:57:25)
Can you please tell me how to spell my name Gurleen in Chinese and Japanese. Thank you.
nandhu (28/07/2017 06:52:11)
Tarun gothwal (26/07/2017 22:57:37)
Plz send my name in Chinese alphabet so I can make a tattoo of it
My name is tarun gothwal
Thank you
ayra (26/07/2017 21:55:16)
Can you please tell me how my name, siti fazira, is spelled and pronounced in Chinese, Japanese and Korean?

Thank you for your help.
Senmi (26/07/2017 11:54:06)
Can you please Translate my name Senmi Rai (fisrt name and family name) It would mean alot . Thank you
filip (25/07/2017 15:10:17)
Garrett Wolfgang Gebhardt (23/07/2017 07:19:28)
I am 23 and being born Wooden Dog Aries I wanted to serve my Nation's military but alas my father literally beat me out a month Early into the Western Aries Zodiac.

I am born of Fire.

Please help me find my Chinese Name. In a few short years I am going to travel to your land to become Shaolin Monk.
All I want to do is help my fellow person but I cannoy do this... In a meat department.
As a man with newfound faith in the Buddah and a firm faith in Christ I cannot sit idly by any longer as my Coorporation grows but wages stagnate...
The Bible makes it clear in the first page The Lord's seed bears fruit with the seed in the fruit. 3 times over!

Only relevant now in a time wheb Science has gone too far and Monsanto's(Who Created Agent Orange- That which Devistated Several Poor Souls...)
Plays with our Seed. Their seed bears fruit without seed...
Seedless Watermelons!

Buddhism truely is the middle path~
Christ is the Shortcut.

Thank you for patience reading.
~ G. W. Gebhardt
Bragg (20/07/2017 21:18:50)
Would like to know the Chinese characters for BRAGG
Gianni blondez (20/07/2017 17:05:04)

I'm willing to put all people who i care alot about kn chinese as tattoo and need following names:
Virgini e
And of course i want these to be as correct as possible
Jerusalem Marbellegas (20/07/2017 03:46:52)
Pls. put in Chinese Calligraphy the name Jerusalem Marbellagas
Vinit (19/07/2017 03:17:28)
Can u please write the name minty in different languages possible.
MINTY - this is the name. I need the script of this name in different languages
Vinit (19/07/2017 03:14:25)
I want to translate the name MINTY in Chinese. It's a name so don't add it as food or taste.
Rahul (19/07/2017 02:44:29)
Please write the name purnima in Chinese language.
Jason Marsden (15/07/2017 09:59:30)
Hi. My partner is Chinese (Cantonese) and her mother has given my children Chinese names, but has forgotten how to write them.

Can you please help?

Tanishq (14/07/2017 15:15:34)
Can u please write the name in different languages possible...
Tanishq-this is the name..
I need the script of the same name in different languages
Herland Firdaussy (14/07/2017 11:41:55)
Whats really suit chinese name for me? , would you like to help me?
Christian lim (12/07/2017 19:36:10)
Good day! I remember when I was in a chinese school the principal had given me the name lim ki tien to which i was trying to remember how to write it again.
Jean Ann Bongiovanni (12/07/2017 11:12:09)
I would like to know my Chinese name
Dharshini (11/07/2017 12:07:57)
Can you translate my name in chinese
My name is Dharshini
Sachin Sunari Magar (09/07/2017 07:27:31)
Can you translate my name in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. If you want my birthdate then its 6th August, 2000. I hope you will reply it soon.
srinivas (08/07/2017 22:49:01)
I want my name in Chinese
My name is SRINIVAS
Jouke Martijn Gardien (08/07/2017 21:00:48)
Hi, please help to translate a Dutch name, Jouke Martijn Gardien. The problem is mostly with Gardien. Thank you very much!
Anis (07/07/2017 21:39:59)
Can you please translate for this names in mandarin and pinyin?
1. Zarifah
2. Khaliqa
3. Fasihah

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