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Kaushik (28/04/2017 00:04:40)
How to write kaushik in Chinese language letters
Nicolette (27/04/2017 16:51:06)
Hi. I would like to know how I should write my name. In my country it's "Nikoletta" but the proper English version is "Nicolett/Nicolette"
Rehan Qureshi (26/04/2017 13:07:24)
I want my chinese letters name
THIRTHA SHROTRIYA (26/04/2017 06:28:23)
I need translations for the following names please:-
Leanne (25/04/2017 21:48:09)
I need translations for the following names please:-
riju (25/04/2017 10:53:29)
Esmerelda (24/04/2017 20:33:59)
I would like written in Chinese please
Angel (24/04/2017 13:30:44)
I want to know my name in Chinese. It's Angel Mack. I took Mandarin in high school I just forgot it. I think it was ma an ji.
Tre Nichols (24/04/2017 00:51:19)
I would like to have my name translated please : )
manasa (22/04/2017 15:18:31)
Could you please translate manasa name in chinese characters
tina rubbrecht (21/04/2017 08:19:44)
Hello my name is Tina Rubbrecht. Could you translate it?
Sai Krishna (20/04/2017 13:37:29)
Hi, My name is Sai Krishna. I want it to be translated into chinese characters/calligraphy
Shilpa (20/04/2017 05:24:00)
Can you change the name "Shilpa" to chinese please.
Nith (19/04/2017 12:06:02)
I'm Sreynith, can call Nith. Pls Help me to translate my name to Chinese name! Hope you reply 😊 Thanks
Rubenick (19/04/2017 07:24:22)
Please translate
Thrishul Alathanda (18/04/2017 14:35:42)
plz translate
Nitesh (18/04/2017 07:26:56)
Nitesh my name plz translate
Draper (18/04/2017 06:25:39)
Please translate my name! Thank you!
Auraijaia (17/04/2017 15:46:54)
Please translate my name. It is spelled like Auraijaia but pronounced like U-raw-ja.
Xander vd Merwe (17/04/2017 08:12:15)
Please write my name, Xander in Chinese, Thanks.
Austn Lizin (15/04/2017 06:49:57)
Please i want you to help me translate my Name Austin Lizin to chinese
JENNEE JO (10/04/2017 13:13:47)
vandana (10/04/2017 08:33:24)
Hi plzz change my name vandana into chinese
Peter Land (10/04/2017 07:22:17)
Can you translate my girlfriends name - Frances

Many thanks

nerusha (10/04/2017 03:07:03)
Hi please translate these 3 names for me..... Nerusha Gerrard Sholan
Jonathan Lu (09/04/2017 21:11:26)
Hi plz translate my name it's Jonathan Thanks!
Uday Burhooa (09/04/2017 13:25:08)
HI please translate my name


and Oonish

Thank you for the help!!
William Behr (09/04/2017 12:14:22)
Please translate my last name if there is a translation.


Thank you,
Pawan (09/04/2017 00:55:20)
My name is Pawan
I want it in Chinese language
Manju latha (07/04/2017 09:31:21)
I want my name in Chinese language
KALPESH PATEL (07/04/2017 05:57:50)
My name is kalpesh.
Can you please translate my name in chinese

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