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Anil Gnaneswari (25/06/2017 09:05:40)
Hi please convert for me
Wyatt (25/06/2017 03:03:59)
Could you please write Wyatt in Chinese pigin for me. Thanks
dhanesh (24/06/2017 09:14:43)
"DHANESH KUMAR " please convert to Chinese
Fred (24/06/2017 02:33:13)
Can you translate the name Rosnah into chinese for me?
Eric Torres (23/06/2017 15:34:14)
Thank you for showing me how to write my name!
Vijay (23/06/2017 13:19:38)
I need it for the following two names please.
1. Kasthu
2. Subbu
Ivy (22/06/2017 23:13:25)
Can you translate the name Ivy?
mohsen (21/06/2017 12:49:40)
how change my name to chinese?
neisy (20/06/2017 03:07:34)
im getting my moms name tatted please help !
Mrinmoy (17/06/2017 11:21:52)
Goshen (17/06/2017 10:53:59)
Hello! My name is Goshen Jimenez. My firstname is pronounced like in the following url :


I need to write this in chinese for some of my business contacts. Thanks!
Benjamin Mylliem (16/06/2017 09:44:34)
Please write this name "Clementina Bareh" in Chinese. Thank you
nosilatte (15/06/2017 16:03:50)
Azlin Atiqah (15/06/2017 01:46:59)
Can anyone create chinese name for me, please?
Dee (14/06/2017 07:42:13)
Could you please show my name Dee in Chinese characters.
Mohammad safiullah (14/06/2017 04:20:41)
Hi, can you please translate my name into Chinese.
Thank you
Aleeza Carmen Lee Alvarez (14/06/2017 02:50:48)
Hi! My name is Aleeza Carmen Lee Alvarez. and i am a half chinese well it seems that I would like to know my chinese name can you send me? Because it is very important to me to know what is the real meaning of my name. thanks
Suhail (10/06/2017 12:55:08)
[email protected]
anjali (10/06/2017 02:41:03)
Tria (10/06/2017 00:17:30)
Hi, My Name Tria Puspa Sari and my chinese name is 普莎夏 , I would like to get the meaning in english?
Please help me
Best Regards
puneeth.k (09/06/2017 02:56:23)
sir pls translate my name in chinese
Johnathan (06/06/2017 00:42:02)
Please translate my husband name in Chinese.
Enya (05/06/2017 15:04:09)
I would like to have my name Enya in chinese. I dont know but if there is a chinese name with the same meaning as mine can you send it to me ? It would be really nice 👍🏼
Thanks and greetings
Roewelyn Bibal (05/06/2017 10:12:35)
Please, Can you translate my name written in Chinese? Thank you :)
Ratheesh K (05/06/2017 08:32:07)
Please write my name in chinese language
Name : Ratheesh K

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