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Gaurav Sachdeva (01/11/2016 16:38:39)
Chirag (01/11/2016 16:19:34)
Hi can you please help to write my name in Chinese.
My First name is chirag and last name is mehta
Dheeraj (01/11/2016 08:57:14)
Translate into chinese
Susan (31/10/2016 19:56:16)
we would like Lahmeik (female name) translated into Chinese please
Amelie (30/10/2016 11:17:36)
I'd like to have name translated to Chinese. I'm doing a Chinese project and I want my name in Chinese. Amelie is French name. Just for your information. Thank you! ^^
Hamada (30/10/2016 02:19:26)
With your permission possible translation of the name
Sandeep Som (29/10/2016 11:16:14)
Please translate my name.....I would like a postureof my name. For that I need the translation of my name.
Densen (29/10/2016 07:30:47)
Can you please translate it into chinese and thai
Rajan (27/10/2016 18:38:50)
May you please tell me how to say my name in Chinese.
Ethan (27/10/2016 09:17:03)
Can you please translate my name in chinese. My name is Ethan.
Jhade Harcel (26/10/2016 18:04:48)
Can you please translate my name in Chinese
adarsh (26/10/2016 00:53:28)
abhilesh (25/10/2016 13:24:49)
can you please translate my name ABHILESH in the chinese i will be greatfull to you
SATHIS KUMAR (25/10/2016 09:58:18)
hi can u translate my name to chinees
bharati (25/10/2016 09:56:51)
please translate my name to chinees
Allie (22/10/2016 16:20:57)
Hi. I am Chinese but I forgot how to write the character for it. My name is Mung Yuling in Chinese. Thank you
Sachin (22/10/2016 13:04:45)
Sir plzz send me my name in Chinese
Dimaz (21/10/2016 23:15:15)
Hi, i have an order to make a namecard, but the customers ask to translate their name into Chinese, because they're going to China for a business trip.

their names are:
Ivan Effendy, and
Tumanggo Pittaraja

is it possible to translate it into Chinese ?

Thank You
Carol (21/10/2016 09:26:32)
I have a new grand daughter and they came up with a name that I believe is new.
How would Dareesa SuzaLee be translated in chinese?
Megha (20/10/2016 11:42:54)
Sir plzz send me my name in Chinese

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