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Meena (13/01/2017 10:04:27)
i want my name in chinese language
Elissa (12/01/2017 14:52:16)
We are adopting a little girl from China and would like the name


translated into madarin
thank you!
Laimonas (10/01/2017 06:59:04)
Hi, looking for someone to help me translate my name for Chinese visa...please help me. Many thanks name will be
First: Lai Mo Nas
Surname: Ma Cu Le Vi Cius

Please help

Thank you
Trina Savio (10/01/2017 01:53:04)
I am a teacher of prep students learning Chinese. Want to translate their names but can't find - Lexie Nate Portia Maddox

Please help.
Vaishnavi (09/01/2017 21:14:49)
Hi I want to change my name to Chinese language cuz I want to show him my Chinese name as ratio old help meee.
Tanya Welton (09/01/2017 13:31:03)
I am a teacher that is looking to translate some names for my class as we prepare for Chinese New Year. If anyone can help I'd be very happy.


Thank you for any help.
Kirsten (09/01/2017 08:46:44)
If you need to translate a name or anything else to Chinese it is better to use a professional service. For example, https://www.translateshark.com/greek.html . I have used this service to translate an essay into Greek. However, they also provide translation into Chinese language.
Hemanth (09/01/2017 07:22:29)
Please change my name in to Chinese
Hemanth (09/01/2017 06:49:14)
Please change my name in to Chinese
Derrandth Tan (09/01/2017 03:29:03)
I need to help my boss translate his name into Chinese. He is Indian and his name is Ujjwal Jain. Can someone help me please?
Ally (08/01/2017 08:54:13)
How to translate the name Saroop?
Ally (08/01/2017 08:50:16)
How do you translate the name Khushal (sounds like koo-shull)?
BERSIVA (08/01/2017 05:28:19)
Hi, my grandfather gave me a chinese name when I was born. Today, he's not able to explain to me what it means nether to my dad a long time ago. So I was wondering what does ''Ka Wein'' mean?
SHOBHA ABHISHEK (05/01/2017 07:41:44)
My name is SHOBHA ABHISHEK can you please tell me how to write my name in chinese
NANDINI GAUTAM (05/01/2017 01:53:58)
my name is nandini gautam
Muthu (04/01/2017 09:21:27)
My name is MUTHU can you please tell me how to write my name in chinese
Kian (04/01/2017 01:38:00)
Ana Bustelo
Ladoo (02/01/2017 13:25:01)
Dania (01/01/2017 15:04:52)
Aser (31/12/2016 14:52:32)
I need my name translated in chinese

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