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P SATHYA CAHNDU (31/01/2017 00:00:07)
Translate my name to chinese character
Sara Osmond (30/01/2017 07:08:28)
Please can you translate the name FINLAY using Chinese characters.

I am writing on behald of 1st Claybrooke & Ullesthorpe Cubs (Scouting Association), United Kingdom and we are celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards

Sara Osmond
Assistant Cub Leader
Suganya (30/01/2017 05:12:17)
Please translate this name in Chinese
Bridget Winter (30/01/2017 05:09:31)
Please could you translate the names
to Chinese characters, my class are writing their names in Chinese this week
Thank you
markese batey (30/01/2017 02:18:39)
Translate my name
Corrine Winwood (29/01/2017 13:10:21)
Hello there, my 5 year old son is learning about Chinese culture and as part of his project booklet we would be greatful if you might me able to translate his name for the front of the book.
It's Drystan Winwood.
Thank you very much for your time and help.
sugan (29/01/2017 02:20:45)
😊can u translate the name LAVENYA in chinese
tanay soni (28/01/2017 05:15:33)
Hi can u translate the name tanishma in chinese
a a (27/01/2017 17:46:58)
Hi, I would love help with translating the name "Aveline" to Cantonese please (traditional chinese characters please).
It is pronounced "Av-uh-leen" (LIke 'ave' in avenue and 'line' in the name Celine)

a a (27/01/2017 17:44:01)
Hi, I would love help with translating the name "Aveline" to Cantonese please (traditional chinese characters please). thanks
Karen Fraser (27/01/2017 12:50:52)
Please can you translate my Christian name in Chinese character.
Stacie Sweet (27/01/2017 12:40:05)

I am looking for the Chinese translation for the name Tahj.
Tài Bùi (26/01/2017 19:38:18)
My Name is Tài Bùi. Tài is my given name and Bùi is my surname.
LP van Hoeven (26/01/2017 06:21:51)
Hello , granddaughter is born, her name is Lizzy.
all the childeren in Chinees, but not of Lizzy , please can you translate of know anyone who can.
Already wrote tranlater, but no response what so ever.

Regards. LP
Kirsty (26/01/2017 03:25:43)
Hello, my stepchildren are studying China at school. Please would you be able to translate their names into Mandarin?

Farli ( pr. far lee)
Zaiph (pr. zay f)

Many thanjs
Sumit (25/01/2017 14:02:12)
Katie (25/01/2017 06:52:04)
Hi, please can you translate these names into Chinese, as close as possible for the children in my class. We are writing our names in Chinese on paper plates and decorating them as part of our China day activities.


Many thanks

Carolyne (24/01/2017 17:36:34)
Please render the following in the closest form in Chinese calligraphy for my students. Thank-you:

Arv Sreedhar (24/01/2017 11:05:20)
Good morning,

Could you please provide me this name (Arv Sreedhar) in Mandarin?

Many, many thanks
SIDDHALING (24/01/2017 03:42:18)
Please provide my this name in chineese font.Thanks in advance.

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