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Vaia (17/09/2017 15:12:13)
Please translate my name in Chinese?♥
Sunny (17/09/2017 13:37:14)
Hi may you please write my name in chinese? Thank you!!
dika (13/09/2017 14:08:53)
pleas translate my name dika
Elisha (12/09/2017 14:57:34)
Hi can you please translate my name Elisha. Thank you
Subhajit (11/09/2017 06:05:13)
i'd like to translate my name in chinese.
Rashika (10/09/2017 13:54:49)
Abel (10/09/2017 08:24:46)
Hello, I'd like my name translated to Chinese.
Ain (10/09/2017 06:25:50)
How to spell ain in chinese
Cezs (09/09/2017 01:14:20)
Hi can anyone help me to find a good name for my second baby. A boy name in chinese and the meaning of it is "the second." Thanks
Venkata Krishna venkat (08/09/2017 06:45:01)
Hi, can you translate my name in Chinese characters. Thank you in advance.
Moumen (05/09/2017 10:00:28)
Cyrelle Ann Vargas (04/09/2017 09:43:06)
Hi, can you translate my name in Chinese characters. Thank you in advance.
Farha Fahmy (03/09/2017 05:11:22)
Is the name Wang Wei Young good for a girl?
shirley (02/09/2017 08:53:30)
I'm trying to find a Chinese Character and Pinyin name for my friend.
Her name is Laarni

I hope you can help me.
thank you
Karlisa Patrice Lewis (31/08/2017 14:13:49)
What is my name in Chinese
Gabrielle (31/08/2017 05:21:54)
Hello, I am trying to find a Chinese name for my son that means "Truth Force" the concept of "Satyagraha"
Can anyone help me find something suitable? Many thanks
Kamakshi (29/08/2017 00:28:42)
I need my name in Chinese language (kamakshi)
Emma D (26/08/2017 19:07:02)
Can you translate the names Tahlia and the Vietnamese Vy
Tarja (23/08/2017 05:01:13)
Hei, can you please translate the following Finnish first names and the last name:


Thank you
Sandy (22/08/2017 15:39:28)
How to write mehak in Chinese (Cantonese) for tattoo

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