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Jagadeesh (08/10/2017 12:03:14)
I want this name "srujana" in Chinese traditional language
Ysha (08/10/2017 00:04:50)
Hello! I want to know how to write Ysha in Chinese. Thank you in advance!
Vignesh (07/10/2017 14:38:34)

I just wanna translate “ Kranthi “ into chinese.
David Maples (06/10/2017 12:51:35)
Hi, I am doing some art work for a friend who owns a Chinese restaurant in my town. A very nice , well respected person. I want this to look really nice down to the signature. Can you please print my name in Chinese for me please . Thank you. David W. Maples
lilly (06/10/2017 07:47:00)
may you please write my name lebogang in chinese
Carmelita (06/10/2017 06:30:05)
Please Translate carmelita in Chinese
Hema (05/10/2017 07:37:48)
I want to know how to write Hema in Chinese
Paul Crisp (04/10/2017 12:49:54)
I tried to use the name translator for my grandchildren.
I found Joshua
But could not find Reuben

Can Reuben be translated to Chinese characters.

Thank you
Paul C
Zhel Delgado (04/10/2017 11:46:32)
Please translate my full name

Zhel Delgado

Thanks so much😊
Soto Evelyn (02/10/2017 18:35:54)
what does my last name "Soto" mean?????
Annette Davis (02/10/2017 01:01:06)
Can you please translate my name in Chinese?

Thank you very much
Ahmad Shaqil Najiy Bin Ahmad Mahmud (29/09/2017 04:19:46)
I want to know what is SHAQIL in mandatin. Thank you
Felisha Madikizela (28/09/2017 09:49:31)
Hi. Can you please help me translate my name-Felisha Madikizela to chinese
Blessie lauron (28/09/2017 07:41:53)
Hi can you help me translate my name in Chinese? Blessie marie lauron
Je na lin (28/09/2017 06:51:21)
HI can u translate and write my name in Chinese je na lin.xie xie
Ossama Awan (24/09/2017 22:23:42)
Hi can you help me translate my name Ossama Awan in chinese need a bit help!
Devanarayanan (23/09/2017 09:51:42)
a student
azh tan oletos (21/09/2017 09:01:45)
Can u translate my name
Azh tan oletos In chinese I cant find in your database
premjit (19/09/2017 17:05:44)
hi! please help me write my wife's name POONAM in traditional chinese for tatttoo.
Deedra Morgan (18/09/2017 11:04:32)
please translate into mandarin. not found in your database.

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