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Programs, Dates & Fees
Chinese language
The lessons are taught by instructors from the Tsinghua University International Chinese Language & Culture Center (ICLCC).
Fall semester / 1 semester
Spring semester / 1 semester
Year / 1 year


  • Introductory / Beginner: Speaking, listening, comprehensive Chinese
  • Intermediate: Speaking, listening, extensive reading, comprehensive Chinese
  • Intermediate-advanced: Speaking, newspaper, grammar, comprehensive Chinese
  • Advanced: Speaking, newspaper, grammar, comprehensive Chinese reading, classical Chinese

Tuition fees

  1. Application fee: RMB 400 (non-refundable)
  2. Tuition fee: RMB 10,500 per semester (Elective classes not included)
  3. Accidental Injury and hospitalization insurance fee: RMB 400 per semester

Accomodation fees

  • Single Room: RMB 75-65 yuan / day (Private bathroom / toilet)
  • AB Double Room: RMB 70-60 yuan / day (Shared bathroom / toilet)
  • Double Room RMB: 40-35 yuan / day (Public bathroom)
* Included each room are hot-water, air-conditioning, telephone, color TV and internet access.

Qualifications of applicants

Anyone who has had formal education at the high school level or above, has good moral character, and is between the ages of 18-55 and in good health may apply.

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