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Programs, Dates & Fees
Advanced Chinese courses
If you wish to study Chinese in China and learn more about Chinese culture, the Overseas Education College of Xiamen University would be your best choice. You can choose the elementary, inter-mediate or advanced classes according to your Chinese level.
Fall semester / 1 semester
Spring semester / 1 semester
Year / 1 year
Short training courses
These courses range from one week to three months in duration.
Short term / 1 to 12 weeks


  • Long-term students
    • Registration fees: RMB 400
    • Tuition fees for one academic year: RMB 16 000
  • Short-term students
    • Registration fees: RMB 2400
    • Tuition fees:
      • One-week: RMB 1200
      • two-weeks: RMB 2000
      • four-weeks: RMB 3200
      • For over four weeks, each extra week is RMB 600


  • Nanguang Building 5 (RMB / person / day)
    Floor< 1 month> 1 month> 4 months> 8 months
  • Cai Qingjie Building (RMB / person / day)
    Type< 1 month> 1 month> 4 months> 8 months
    Four-person apartment50322622
  • Nanguang 4 Building
    Every four-person dormitory in Nanguang 4 Building is equipped with bathrooms,air conditioner, telephone,water heater,and internet service.
    The rent for a room per person is 1980 RMB per year(10 months).
    If you would like to have more roommates and to save expenses on lodging, Nanguang 4 is the best choice for you.

Other fees

  • Cost of course materials
    You are required to buy your own copies of the appropriate course materials. On average, this comes to about RMB 500 per academic year.
  • Meals
    Overseas students can have their meals either in Overseas Students’ Dining Hall or the refectories for Chinese students. The cost comes to about RMB400 per month.

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