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Yunnan (South of the Mountains) on the southern border of southwest China takes its name from its location to the south of the Yunling Mountains. It has an area exceeding 390,000 square kilometers and a population of 31.74 million, of which 12.5 per cent live in the cities and the rest in the rural areas. Also a multi-national province, it is inhabited by about 10 million people, or one-third of the province's total, from the minority nationalities including the Yis, Bais, Hanis, Zhuangs, Dais, Miaos, Lisus, Huis, Lahus, Vas, Naxis, Yaos, Tibetans, Jingpos, Blangs, Achangs, Nus, Pumis, Jinos, Benglongs, Mongolians and Drungs.

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