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Programs, Dates & Fees

The basic fee includes these services:

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • 4 hours one-on-one Chinese instruction a day Monday to Friday
  • Textbooks
  • Accommodation (A clean and safe single dorm room)
    • a private, western bath with round-the-clock hot water
    • a TV
    • a fridge
    • a DVD player
    • a high speed internet connection
    • a desk with chairs
    • a bed with sheets
    • a wardrobe
    • a clean water dispenser
    • a microwave oven (only in couple rooms)
  • A tour of the surrounding (bank, supermarket, post office etc.)
  • Laundry
  • Internet access use without limit or you can use the computers at school for free
  • Day-trips and group dinners (every 2 weeks)
  • edicine for minor illnesses
  • A map of Kunming both in English and Chinese

3 meals a day option

If you choose to eat at our school, it is very convenient. Our breakfast includes milk, coffee, juice, cake, bread, and a variety of fruits. We offer delicious Chinese food for lunch and dinner, which includes at least five dishes along with rice.

Cultural options

  • Chinese calligraphy course

    Calligraphy is another feature of our school. It does not take as long to study calligraphy as many people think. If you don’t know any characters, or have not started to learn characters, you still can learn Chinese calligraphy. It is just like painting. Once you learn the basics you will improve rapidly. If you study Chinese calligraphy only two lessons, you will have at two works of your own. There are the best gifts, which are magic and incredible, to give to your friends and family.
  • Chinese Kung Fu / Tai Chi Chuan course

    Kunming is a very sports oriented city. Every morning locals engage in Tai Chi Chuan practice outdoors and it is very good for your health. Tai Chi Chuan is easy to learn and we can provide instruction in all styles as well as Kung Fu lessons.
  • Chinese cooking course

    Do you want to learn real Chinese cooking? Here is exactly what you are looking for. With our cook’s detailed instruction and your own practice, you can cook tasty and popular Chinese food by yourself. If you have a party at home or some friends come and visit you, cooking Chinese food for them is an exciting experience.
Intensive One-on-one Chinese
Short term / 1 to 24 weeks

WeeksBasic fees3 meals a day optionprice per cultural option
calligraphy / kung fu / cooking

All prices are in RMB.

Examples of prices

  • 4 weeks : Chinese courses + 1 cultural option (chinese calligraphy) : 10110 + 1600 = RMB 11710
  • 2 weeks : Chinese courses + 3 meals + 1 cultural option (chinese cooking) : 5200 + 650 + 800 = MB 6650
  • 1 week : Chinese courses + 3 meals + 3 cultural options (chinese calligraphy, chinese kung fu and chinese cooking) : 2770 + 320 + 3 * 400 = RMB 4290

Children Chinese
Keats School has interesting and special teaching methods for Children who are from 5 to 15.
Short term / 1 to 24 weeks

Since Keats School has children students all year round, we have accumulated rich experience by using flashcards and playing games. Children will have a deep interest in Chinese and study Chinese with lots of fun. If you want your children to improve Chinese test score or to have a foundation for further Chinese study, bring your children and you will not be disappointed.

Our teaching style is designed to help students learn Chinese as quickly as possible.

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