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Manifesto for adding European Union medals in Olympics medal count in the media

The Olympic Games start today, it is one of the most popular international events. In order to show the concrete reality of Europe and to promote the European spirit in Europe and worldwide, I suggest that the media display the results of European Union countries not only country by country but also as a whole. In other words, that they include the European Union in the medal rankings.

Example of Athens 2004 Olympics medal table including the EU.

This does not imply to confuse Europe with the States that compose it. In the medal table, the EU line must be shown differently (in italics for example). The EU will be classified according to its rank, but without affecting the rank of other nations. If the EU tops, the country that happens to be in second position will be credited with the first place, its official rank in the Olympic rankings.

If Europeans performs as well as in 2004, Europe will come on top. If this is highlighted, Europeans will rejoice and be proud. Above all, they will be better identified, better appreciated, better respected in China where competition is tough between Europe, America, Japan, Russia and emerging countries.

Olive, 08/08/2008
Webmaster of the news websites dedicated to China listed below (7 European languages, 2 million visitors monthly and worldwide), whose ranking will include the European Union:

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