Online Chinese courses

girl laptop 1Many readers have contacted Chinese Tools with inquiries about alternative methods of learning Chinese. In order to provide all you language learners with some guidance, we have contacted some of the most prominent online language institutes and are proud to present what they have to say about their work and online courses. The list is displayed in alphabetical order.



Chinese Course

A learning resource which offers many features, such as audio flashcards (for both words and sentences), daily free chinese coursenewsletter, annotated dialogues, comprehensive dictionary, text analyzer, topic lists. Suitable for beginner, intermediate or advanced learners. For additional information check out their website:




eChinese Learning

elearningLearn Chinese online at – a premier online Chinese language school in the world. Students can learn Chinese online via Skype through 1-on-1 lessons with best Chinese teachers. Take a FREE trial lesson to learn Chinese now!

For more information, please see our website here:




Mandarin House

mandarin houseThe Mandarin House was founded in 2004 and became a member of FIYTO, IALC in 2008 and received a Bildungsurlaub recognition for Berlin and Hamburg in 2008. We are also a past winner of STM’s “World Language Provider of the Year” (2009, 2013). Moreover, Mandarin House has been selected by Hanban to administer the HSK level test.

Please visit our website for our courses, dates, prices, accommodations, activities, photos and more.




New Concept Mandarin Online Courses

new concept mandarinNew Concept Mandarin specializes in teaching Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) as a second/foreign language. We provide both classroom based Mandarin lessons and online Mandarin courses. We also combine face-to-face learning with video tutorials, interactive software and online learning tools.

We offer two types of Mandarin courses online: an instructor-guided online course (More Information at and Self-study online courses.

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touch chinese logoTouchChinese provides you an excellent way to learn Chinese online with native speaking tutors. For all levels,Flexible & Effective !

Traditional Chinese language classes can be time-consuming, located far away, and even taught by inexperienced instructors. At TouchChinese, our online Chinese language courses are taught by experts who have a wealth of knowledge to share, you can schedule a lesson at any time, and going to class requires nothing more than logging in to Skype for a one-on-one lesson. Our teachers are all native Chinese speakers who will educate you on China’s culture in addition to teaching you Mandarin Chinese.

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Verbal Planet

verbal is the easy & effective way for anyone to learn a foreign language. Enjoy interactive online language classes with some of the best native speaking language tutors from around the world.

Ultimate flexibility. Pick a Chinese tutor from anywhere in the world & learn at the times that fit your lifestyle.

Affordable. From just one lesson to a whole course. makes online Chinese language tuition accessible to everyone.

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Visual Mandarin

visual mandarinLearn Mandarin-Chinese with interactive exercises, podcasts and Chinese pronunciation tests.

The best way to learn Chinese is to listen to our Chinese Podcast and practice with our many Chinese tests. We make learning easier and more fun! At the same time, you will get exposure to Chinese culture and customs while learning the language. No matter whether you are a newbie or an advanced learner, we have our unique way to help you become more proficient in Mandarin Chinese!

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