Adopting in China? Do your homework!

ccai picMany foreign couples considering adoption from China are overwhelmed with all the information and the practical and cultural difficulties arising from such a choice. Adoption is an immense step and though it is considered the ultimate gift in the life of both an orphaned child and the parents that welcome it to their home, the procedure might be long, dreary and exhausting. In our effort to further explore the matter, we contacted CCAI, one of China’s top adoption agencies, and asked them a few questions on how to best approach the adopting procedure.

What is CCAI and how did it come to exist?

When China opened its door to international adoption Josh Zhong and Lily Nie saw the opportunity to help the abandoned girls over-crowding the ill-equipped orphanages as a result of the government’s one-child-policy.  On September 15, 1992, Chinese Children Adoption was born in their basement and saw its first adoption in March 1994.  Today,  CCAI has found loving homes for more than 11,000 Chinese orphans.  CCAI is rated #1 and largest China adoption agency in the world.


How can you help parents who are looking to adopt?

Prospective parents should look into our website at or order a free Adoption Information packet to educate themselves about adoption qualification, process, children available and expenses.  Our offer adoption seminar twice a month, an opportunity to here agency founder’s story and get answer straight from the top.


Are mediators necessary for adopting in China?

No.  A qualified adoptive family will work with CCAI who will help them to navigate the entire process effectively.


Is it possible to obtain consultation and mentoring from parents that have already adopted?

Yes, Thousands of CCAI families offer to be a reference and are willing to talk with those who are interested in adopting an orphan.  We have adoption support groups across the country that we can connect you to.


What advice would you give regarding the selection of an adoption agency?

Doing your home work!  How much experience the agency has?  What is their reputation among adoption community? What is their fee and cost structure?  Are they clearly laid out?  Do agency promise financial integrity and refund policy?  What kind of support they provide in China?  Are they Hague accredited?  Are their charitable agency?  Can they provide unlimited access to references? Do they provide cultural support after adoption.  Do they reach out to orphans left behind?


What is the Waiting Child program?

It is a program to find adoptive homes for children with physical needs or older orphans. Many of the conditions are totally manageable, but without adoption most of the children will be trapped in orphanages for the rest of their lives.


What is the Host-A-Child program?

It is a program to allow older orphans ( 5 to 17) to come and spend 4 or 5 precious weeks with loving host families.  This offers older children the rare chance to experience family love and care.  It is another way to care about orphans.  Some families end up adopting their hosted child.  For more information, please write to [email protected]


What is the life of orphaned children like in China?

Most of the children living in the orphanages are children with special need.  They have little chance for societal acceptance and up-moving.  Through charity out-reach and adoption we bring healing, love and families to many of these precious children


What about post-adoption support? Can parents reach out to you for help and advice?

Post adoption support is extremely important for the long term well-being of adopted children and their families.  We provided all kinds of valuable post adoption services and we highly encourage families to contact anytime they have need, emotionally, attachment wise, or any other issues.