Chinese Feng Shui Is Basically Common Sense

ChineseLook, I am not saying ALL of Feng Shui is common sense. As one of Chinese’s oldest guide in harmonizing everything with the natural forces, this practice may be subject to a few superstitions and beliefs – same with other beliefs, practices and religion. What I want to send across is that Feng Shui is not all about Qi, positive force, negative force, alignments, and other terms it is usually associated with. Feng Shui is just common sense. Here I’ll discuss the details many Feng Shui things- as well as gaming and online gambling (e.g. in online-casino sites).
I am a half-Chinese and a half-Filipino. My mother is a devoted Catholic while my Chinese father is a practicing Buddhist. Though one may think that this is a little complicated, it is not. I grew up in a house with icons from both religions. My father applied some Feng Shui logic into our house and later on I realized that the system actually works!

The Feng Shui practice: Never put a chair facing back from the door.
What Feng Shui says about it: Sitting with your back from the door will exclude you from any good energy that comes into your house. It’s as if you are turning your back on the blessing.
Common sense says: The door is the main entry and exit point of a building. If you are facing back from the door, you will not see who’s coming in or out. A famous celebrity may have just walked in and out of your building without you knowing it. Or worse, a malicious person could secretly enter your house and do his wicked plans.

The Feng Shui practice: Gambling and money-making casino (roulette, poker, money-bets, etc) are bad.
Common sense says: Even though gambling may be a bad thing for some people, relaxing and having fun with a few casino games can relief some of the stress we accumulate every day.. Whether you are on an actual poker table, having fun throwing numbers on the roulette table or playing online Arabic casino at, or as they say it in arabic كازينو اون لاين, casino games can be a lot of fun, if you’re making sure you’re not getting into the red zone of gambling addiction. It plain-old good entertainment, in the same way that dining out is- set a budget for the few hands you’re in, play it and enjoy while it last- and be prepared to lose your budget. Do it this way, and casino games are really a fun thing.

The Feng Shui practice: Never put your kitchen under or next to a bathroom.
What Feng Shui says about it:
Bathrooms are filled with negative Qi. Positioning your kitchen where positive Qi should stay may create tension between the two opposite forces.
Common sense says:
We know what happens in the bathroom. It is the place where we usually wash our dirt. The toilet is also in the bathroom. No one wants to prepare something to it near the toilet.

The Feng Shui practice: When safe, open your doors and windows to invite positive Qi into your home.
What Feng Shui says about it:
Positive Qi are outside waiting to be welcomed into your home. Closing your doors and windows all the time will prevent the positive energies to flow in. When you are at home, keeping your windows open helps promote the positive Qi in your place.
Common sense says:
Open doors and windows help in the proper airflow in your home. Also, natural light in your home promotes health and wellness.

These are just some of the most noticeable practical explanation. Do you have some common sense explanation to some of the Feng Shui practices? We’d love to hear it!