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Chinese characters, or Sinogram, are made up of components called radicals. Each radical has its own meaning. By combining them together, we get all the chinese characters. Some combinaison are funnier than others, which are precisely the ones we have selected here.

Daily life
(door) + (bar) = a bar across the door (bolt)

(woman) + (disease) = women's disease (jealousy)
(woman) + (door) = a woman hiding behind a door, and secretely staring at other concubines (jealousy)
(woman) + (note) = to give a bank note to a woman (go to prostitutes)

Human body
(big) + (ear) = big ears (what has got big ears)
(body) + (rice) = * the rice simming within your body (shit *)
(body) + (to dangle) = * dangling from your body (dick *)
(body) + (cavity) = * body's cavity (cunt *)

(enter) + (meat) = * enter into the meat (fuck *)

For those with imagination :
Chinese characters
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