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[Labarik, 2010-04-01] Chinese models legs buzz

The story of Kong Yansong is symbolic for the young Chinese internet generation. It all started when some photos were published on line and quickly did the tour of forums before gaining the title « The most beautiful legs in China » in April 2009. All about Kong Yansong, her 117cm legs and her younger sister Kong Yaozhu also endowed...

Kong Yansong, The most beautiful legs in China

A group of Chocolate sculptures are shown to public at Beijing Olympic Park (north of bird's nest stadium) on 14th Jan, 2010. All of the miniatures of Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and Chinese ancient painting will bring the visitors into fragrant art space.

chocolate Terracotta Warriors

Sultan Kosen (2.4638m) from Turkey and Pingping He (74cm) from China attended The Guinness World Record street show on 14th Jan, 2010. They are "the world's tallest" and "the world's shortest" Guinness record holder now.

[Lili Tan, 2009-10-21] Mao Zedong karaoke

A poster showing Mao, mic in hand singing popular patriotic songs outside of a karaoke club in Taizhou City for the National Day has sparked a debate in China.

Chairman Mao's on karaoke ad
Chairman Mao on KTV poster, Taizhou city, Zhejiang province, China

[Lili Tan, 2009-08-17] Shaolin scandal fashion

Monday August, 17, eight contestants of a local beauty pageant took part in a Swimsuit fashion show in front of the main gate of the Shaolin Monastery. The news has angered Chinese netizens.

Shaolin, swimsuit show, bikini, scandal
Young model during Shaolin Monastery Swimsuit show on Aug. 17, 2009

[Lili Tan, 2009-07-16] sport World Games

The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung opened on July 16th at the Flying Dragon Stadium with spectacular show, the parade of the 4,800 athletes from 105 participating countries, and China boycotting the ceremony.

World Games 2009
World Games 2009 Kaohsiung are the biggest sporting event Taïwan has ever hosted

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