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The new uniform of the Kunming primary school has created a debate. Like the image of a jumpsuit worn by a formula 1 driver, they drive the likeness by displaying the same sponsors, among them Marlboro, Shell, Vodafone, Bridgestone and Ferrari.

sponsored schoolboys uniforms

Even if the 524 children are delighted with the spruce colours of their new uniform, the parents are more sceptic. Is the small world of childhood really the place for advertising tobacco manufacturers?

The headmaster explains that the uniform was chosen only for practical reasons. On the one hand it was less expensive than others and above all it is easier to locate scatterbrained pupils during excursions. In addition, he admitted to not even recognising the brands in question.

sponsored schoolboys uniforms

After the mediation of a lawyer, the school has reconciled with everyone by immediately taking off the Marlboro cigarette logo from the uniforms.


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