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On 21 June, 2008, "The Great Wall Kite" which is more than 130 metres and about 12 kilograms weight was successfully flying near Bahe of Xian. "The Great Wall Kites" was made by an old people Zhang Tianwei who has a reputation of "China's first kite dynamic" as a master, It took him 3 years to finish the kite.

kite 1
Zhang Tianwei (right) is checking the kite before flying it.

The kite are composed of two parts, head and body. The head part is the shape of first Emperor "Qin shihuang" - 秦始皇, behind the Emperor, it is modeling six checkpoints (Shanhaiguan, Juyongguan, Jiayuguan, etc.) of the famous Great Wall, with 15 beacon towers, 187 tablets of walls, totally 208 single-chip.

kite 2

It requirs more than 10 people to pull it under 2 or 3 degree of wind power.

kite 3


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