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The Pekinese architecture agency MAD have proposed an utopian vision of the future mobile town Super Star.

star city

A travelling Chinese district
The architects idea is to propose a modern alternative to Chinatowns around the world, renowned for the mess that reigns within. The « Star City » could welcome 1.5 million Chinese who would live with food and energy autonomy.

star city

The Chinese star, light for all humanity
In its permanent journey around the planet, the star city will stop in the biggest megalopolis. Its inhabitants will then get down and communicate with the local population to bring them, with altruism and kindness, the Chinese culture and products, that is to say civilisation.*

star city
The Super Star stopping over at the Jumeirah island, Dubai.

star city
The Super Star in Europe.


  • Architecture agency MAD in Beijing : 北京MAD马岩松建筑事务所
  • Super Star : 超级明星

* Note: Difficult to know if the article by Xinhua (link) which was used as a basis for this article, is to be taken in the first degree or in the second degree to make fun of Chinese nationalism.


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