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The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung opened on July 16th at the Flying Dragon Stadium with spectacular show, the parade of the 4,800 athletes from 105 participating countries, and China boycotting the ceremony.

World Games 2009
World Games 2009 Kaohsiung are the biggest sporting event Taïwan has ever hosted

The World Games, first held in 1981, are an international multi-sport event, meant for sports that are not contested in the Olympic Games as Parachuting, Bowling, Rugby, Latin dance...

VIII World Games

  • 105 participating nations
  • ~4800 participating athletes
  • Events: 31+ sports
  • Opening ceremony :
    July 16, 009
  • Closing ceremony :
    July 26, 009
World Games 2009 logo


World Games 2009 mascots

The Mainland Chinese flag was also paraded at the ceremony; however, the Mainland Chinese athletes did not take part in the ceremony :

World Games 2009

The show :

World Games 2009

World Games 2009

Lili Tan

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