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[Gwendoline Mo, 2009-01-05] scuplpture festival fireworks Harbin

The 25th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival opened today. The openning ceremony culminated with fireworks display that was set to musical selections. The colorful lighted house, the music and the fireworks put the night in motion.

[An Bohan, 2008-11-27] police crowd

The Fugu police department displayed during several hours, for the eyes of an angry crowd, the three main suspects in an armed robbery case. The truck, with the three men on it, cruised the streets of the city.

3 suspects in an armed robbery case displayed in the streets in China
Over 50,000 people (among the 200,000 inhabitants of that city) attended the gloomy parade.

[An Bohan, 2008-11-19] sculpture animal Suzhou

A buffalo covered with 130000 pearls is being shown in Suzhou. According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2009 is the year of the buffalo.

buffalo pearl

[An Bohan, 2008-11-17] flirt Beijing

The idea is pretty simple, you gather about 50 blindfolded single men and women in the same room. Then you let them find their "smell mate". Once paired up they can resume a more orthodox dating process.

China, blind-date, Find love by smell
This woman might already have found the smell of her life

[Lili Tan, 2008-11-05] baby big record

Woman from Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province has given birth to a 6.5-kilogram (14-pound) baby yesterday, the size of a six-month-old.

China largest baby delivered, 6.5 kilo

[Gwendoline Mo, 2008-11-02] Chongqing boa scared things

In Chongqing city, a boa escaped to balcony to got tanned during its host's absence, it scared neighborhood residents and many people on the street, residents immediately call the police upon finding it. The boa is 3 meters long and 10 kms weight, the host explained that he got it from Burma and has keeping it for 20 years! Everyday he puts it in the cage, but today it escaped.

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