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[Labarik, 2008-10-09] turtle strange animal

Regularly passionate people about turtles track down all sorts of surprising specimens? Yesterday in a market in Anhui, it was a « gourd-shaped turtle » or « turtle with a corset » that brought attention, thus christened due to its form resembling the fruit.

gourd-shaped turtlegourd-shaped turtle

[Labarik, 2008-10-08] gastronomy

A society is marketing food rations identical to those of the famous taikonautes. Now everyone can profit from the technological feats of the Chinese spatial conquest from their own home.

food rations taikonautes

[Gwendoline Mo, 2008-10-08] doodle funny

Textbook is used for students to learn the knowledge, but sometimes it becomes the source of inspiration. Can ancient people ride motercycle? You can find the answer from the following pictures. See how crazy the students doodle in the textbook.

[Labarik, 2008-10-07] architecture record Hunan

Length 288,8 m, this bridge has three branches connecting three villages in the Hunan province. The upper part is made entirely from wood in the local traditional style.

covered bridge in hunan

[Labarik, 2008-10-06] Beijing

3,000 competitors are awaited in Beijing where these new games will be held from the 3rd to the 18th of October. 35 gold medals will be given during the competitions of chess, bridge, the Chinese game go, draughts and Chinese checkers.

world mind sports games

[Labarik, 2008-10-05] Chengdu

A young lady created a sensation last night in a pedestrian street of Chengdu, by strolling around with a funny balloon in her hand.

blowup poops fashion

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