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[Gwendoline Mo, 2008-09-17] record watermelon carving

How fantastic the artists' imagination and skill are. Can you just believe they are made of watermelons - 西瓜?

[Labarik, 2008-09-16] fish spa

The Chinese health « Spas » are turning to the market of small man eating fish. The « Doctor Fish » or Garra rufa clean the skin by eating dead skin cells..

doctor fish

[Labarik, 2008-09-14] Chinese festivals

Each year, on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, the mid-autumn festival is the occasion to taste the famous cakes. The « Moon cake » gets its name from the fact that at this time the moon is always full.

moon cakes

[Labarik, 2008-09-11] gastronomy animal

The Chinese wait with impatience to take with delight this delicacy. The hairy crab from lake Yangcheng is among the most sort after.

hairy crab

[Labarik, 2008-09-10] architecture Beijing

A new extension has opened its doors to the public. The library is now the 3rd largest in the world, behind the « French national library » and the « Congress library ».

chinese national library

[Labarik, 2008-09-07] record architecture Shanghai

With an internal diameter of 13.7 m the tunnel under the river Yangzi in Shanghai is the widest in the world. Connecting Shanghai to the Changxing island the tunnel is 16.63 km long.

shanghai yangzi tunnel

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