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A computer hacker managed to steal the password for a photo album that contained amongst others some nude photos of Shi Jing - 石靖, a young employee of the Chinese company Electrolux - 伊莱克斯. Diffused on a first forum, the snapshots went around quickly on the Chinese internet.

Shi Jing scandal

The scandal propagated such a wildfire, after a few days the search engine Baidu returned more than 100,000 results for the search «石靖». One of the reason for such enthusiasm from the Chinese internet users was due to the identity of the photographer and the owner of the private photo album, Robert Kugler, a foreigner!

Shi Jing scandal

Shi Jing was then on the receiving end of an official internet lynching including insults and disclosure of private information.
Shi Jing's blog: http://my.icxo.com/255323/

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