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The gossips are always around Zhang Ziying since she appears on the screen which helps her a lot. The gossips are one by one along with her movies. It seems that she doesn't care about what other people's attitude. She just does what she likes to do.

1. Vivi Nevo (current winner)
The pricture is they watched the NBA backetball game between New York Knicks and New Jersey on 19th January. Vivi Nevo is an Israelite who is one of the stockholder of Time Warner.

with vivi

2. Gaofeng
Gaofeng was a singer and music producer; thier special relationship had been exposed while he died for pneumonia. And the gossip interested many people at that time.

with vivi

3. Zhang Yimou
Zhang Yimou is no doubt the most important person in her life. She is his favor only surpassed by Gongli, and she intended to be helped to become an international super star quickly.

4. An Lee
In the pricture, they met at 63th Annual Golden Globe Awards ceromony on 16th January 2006 at United States. After An Lee declared to film « Lust, Caution » (2007), it is said that actor is exactly in the shadow of Zhang Ziyi. Some people believe that Zhang Ziyi is his dream of sex.

Gwendoline Mo

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