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The most awaited marriage - and probably the most expensive - the day was celebrated by all the guests and fans on Monday, 21st July in the magical kingdom of Bhutan. After 20 years of living together, Carina Lau -刘嘉玲is now Mrs. Tony Leung -梁朝伟.

The ceremony took place in two stages. Firstly, the marriage is recognized by the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan. Secondly, the more glamorous is when we saw Carina display her Cartier ring which worths 800 000€ (10 million HK dollars).

Many celebrities from Hong Kong, China or Taiwan were present, such as Faye Wong -王菲, Brigitte Lin -林青霞, Kenny Bee -锺镇涛, Chang Chen -张震, Deborah Harry and her husband -狄波拉夫妇, Cecilia Yip and her husband -叶童夫妇, Wong Kar Wai and his wife -王家卫夫妇...

The wedding in figures:

* 100 guests
* 80 Bhutanese police
* 20 bodyguards
* 20 lamas
* 1 crown prince

Cost: 2 million euros (30 million HK dollars) of which € 1000 (13 000 HK $) cake.

Gwendoline Mo

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