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Yao Ming gave Australian basketball player and WNBA star Lauren Jackson a deep hug during 2008 Olympics closing ceremony sunday night in Beijing.  Some rumors even had her saying those three exact words "I love you".

[Labarik, 2008-08-22] Harper's Bazaar gala charity fashion

The famous fashion magazine organises its 6th consecutive charity gala. La crème de la crème of China was present for the event and the auction which raked in more than 1,035,000 euros.

Harper Bazaar Gala 2008

Guinness World Records has returned the title of world's tallest man to China's Bao Xishun, 2.36 metres (7 feet 9 inches) after Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk, 2.57 metres (8 feet 5 inches) who "doesn't want to be bothered" refused to be measured under new guidelines.

[Labarik, 2008-08-18] Liu Xiang forfait Olympic Games hurdles

The Chinese superstar of the Olympic Games left the track by the back door. The symbolic figure of the increasing Chinese sportive power, Liu Xiang - 刘翔 has to abandon the Games without even the chance to run in the 110 meters hurdles final.

liu xiang forfait

[Gwendoline Mo, 2008-08-18] Guo Jingjing Olympic games

After her victory in the women's 3-meter springboard sunday, Guo Jingjing  - 郭晶晶 received her gold medal from her father-in-law Timothy Fok - 霍震霆.

[Labarik, 2008-08-13] Lin Miaoke child-star song Olympic Games

Only 9 years of age, this little girl has become a national star over night after having sung "Homeland Ode" at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Lin Miaoke child star

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