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The most awaited marriage - and probably the most expensive - the day was celebrated by all the guests and fans on Monday, 21st July in the magical kingdom of Bhutan. After 20 years of living together, Carina Lau -刘嘉玲is now Mrs. Tony Leung -梁朝伟.

[Labarik, 2008-07-21] Tony Leung Carina Lau Wong Kar Wai

All of the Chinese upper crust is expected at the ceremony. To avoid the paparazzi, the wedding will be celebrated in Bhoutan.

mariage leung lau

[Labarik, 2008-07-21] Furong Jiejie charity concert

An unforgettable performance during a charity concert in Beijing. Furong Jiejie is a star of the Chinese internet and never misses an occasion to exhibit her talents.

furong jiejie sichuan

[Labarik, 2008-07-18] Landy Wen birthday

Surrounded by her fans the Taiwanese star took advantage of the occasion to promote her new album « Magic High Q ». Landy Wen (温岚) belongs to the Atayal minority group (泰雅), an aboriginal Taiwanese group.

landy wen birthday

[Gwendoline Mo, 2008-07-18] Gong Li love boyfriend Chinese actress

Gong Li and John Cusack were caught feeding each other when having meal together in Bangkok. They behaved like lovers.

[Gwendoline Mo, 2008-07-18] Andy Lau Olympic Games Chinese singers

Hong Kong singer & actor Andy Lau attended the promotion activity of Olympic Games with the incarnation of "fencer"'s appearance.

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