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Beijing student in Paris Oceane Zhu, 23, has been crowned Miss Chinese International 2008 on January 26, in Foshan, China. The first runner-up was Hong Kong's Kayi Cheung, followed by Chongqing's Aileen Xu as second runner-up.

Océane Zhu, Miss Chinese International 2008
Kayi Cheung (1st runner-up), Oceane Zhu and Aileen Xu (2nd runner-up)

23 delegates from 23 cities and 12 countries participated in this pageant.

Pageant Results

Miss Chinese International 2008

Oceane Zhu - 朱璇 (n°13), 20, 173cm (84-58-89),  54kg
Beijing student in Paris, Miss China France 2007

Océane Zhu, Miss Chinese International 2008Océane Zhu, Miss Chinese International 2008

First Runner-up

Kayi Cheung - 張嘉兒 (n°12), 24, 163cm (84-61-84)

Kayi Cheung, Miss Chinese International 2008Kayi Cheung, Miss Chinese International 2008

Second Runner-up

Aileen Xu - 徐萌 (n°4), 21, 175cm (86-61-91), 58kg
From Chongqing, China

Aileen Xu, Miss Chinese International 2008Aileen Xu, Miss Chinese International 2008

Final Results

  1. Winner : Oceane Zhu - 朱璇 (n°13) of Paris, France
  2. 1st Runner-Up : Kayi Cheung - 張嘉兒 (n°12) of Hong Kong
  3. 2nd Runner-Up : Aileen Xu - 徐萌 (n°4) of Chongqing, China
  • Top 5 finalists :
    • Lucia Long - 龍洋 (n°2) of Mudanjiang, China
    • Ivy Han Xiaodan - 韓曉丹 (n°20) of Sydney, Australia
  • Top 11 semifinalists :
    • Cici Chen - 陳麗 (n°3) of Hunan, China
    • Wendy Xu - 徐弋雯 (n°5) of Hangzhou, China
    • Li Qinxin - 李沁芯 (n°7) of Pearl River (Foshan), China
    • Go Alexis Sy - 吳佳穎 (n°9) of Manila, Philippines
    • Lily Ji Li - 吉麗 (n°10) of Kunming, China
    • Ting Jia Lorigiano - 黃婷佳 (n°23) of Montréal, Canada
  • Special Awards :
    • Most Courageous : Lisa Li 李莎 (n°14) of Auckland, New Zealand
    • Miss Friendship : Delaine Lee 李德玲 (n°15) of Calgary, Canada
    • Miss Young : Oceane Zhu 朱璇 (n°13) of Paris, France

Evening pictures and videos

The bikini competition :

Miss Chinese International 2008

The danse competition :

Miss Chinese International 2008

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