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Louisa Liu, 21, a Chinese American student at UC Berkeley won the 23rd annual Miss Asian America Pageant on August 23, at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. She will attend the Miss Chinese International 2009 pageant next year in Foshan.

Louisa Liu, Miss Asian America 2008
Miss Asian America Queen and her princesses on August 13, 2008 in San Francisco

Louisa Liu, Miss Asian America 2008
Louisa Liu, Miss Asian America 2008

Final results

  1. Queen : Louise Liu - 刘阳 (n°9)
  2. 1st Princess : Mary Saleh (n°21)
  3. 2nd Princess : Nina Kasuga (n°15)
  4. 3rd Princess : Stephanie Karlik (n°16)
  • Miss Talent : Louise Liu - 刘阳 (n°9)
  • Miss Asian California : Mary Saleh (n°21)
  • Miss Asian San Francisco : Lisa M (n°13)
  • Miss Congeniality : Chelsea Kuo - 郭千咏 (n°20)
  • Miss Scholastic Achievement : Shan Yu - 于珊 (n°11)
  • Miss Community Service : Stephanie Wong (n°23)
  • Miss Photogenic : Veronica Sartori (n°7)

The Queen and her Princesses

Miss Asian America 2008

Louise Liu, 21, Chinese American

Louise Liu, Miss Asian America 2008Louise Liu, Miss Asian America 2008

First Princess

Mary Nargis Saleh, 20, Afghan Turkish Persian American

Mary Saleh, Miss Asian America 2008Mary Saleh, Miss Asian America 2008

Second Princess

Nina Chieko Kasuga, 20, Japanese American

Nina Kasuga, Miss Asian America 2008Nina Kasuga, Miss Asian America 2008

Third Princess

Stephanie Lynn Karlik, 24, Taiwanese Portuguese Scotch Irish American

Stephanie Karlik, Miss Asian America 2008Stephanie Karlik, Miss Asian America 2008

Miss Asian America 2008 contestants

A total of 23 candidates representing different ethnic groups and regions competed.

  1. Frances Iris Lu - 廬文婷 (Chinese/Vietnamese)
    Age: 19; San Francisco, CA
  2. Amanda Koyumi Igaki (Japanese)
    Age: 24; Loveland CO
  3. Luketan Somnasang (Thai)
    Age: 23; Portland, OR
  4. Allyn Hoang (Vietnamese)
    Age: 20; Dallas, TX
  5. Share Vuong (Chinese/Vietnamese/Cambodian)
    Age: 22; San Jose, CA
  6. Jenny Chin - 陳小婷 (Chinese)
    Age: 20; San Francisco, CA
  7. Veronica Sartori (Chinese/Italian)
    Age: 20; Fremont, CA
  8. Amanda Yoshida (Japanese)
    Age: 21; Huntington Beach, CA
  9. Louisa Yang Liu - 劉陽 (Chinese)
    Age: 21; Sunnyvale, CA
  10. Christine Oh (Korean)
    Age: 26; Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA
  11. Shan Yu - 于珊 (Chinese)
    Age: 26; Richmond, CA
  12. Joy Dai (Chinese)
    Age: 22; Goleta, CA
  13. Lisa Ma (Chinese)
    Age: 20; San Leandro, CA
  14. Sawitree Amey Rasmeioungon (Thai/Chinese)
    Age: 25; Herndon, VA
  15. Nina Chieko Kasuga (Japanese)
    Age: 20; Gilbert, AZ
  16. Stephanie Lynn Karlik - 柯芬妮 (Taiwanese/Portuguese/Scotch/Irish)
    Age: 24; Las Vegas, NV
  17. Janet Justin Cruz (Filipino/Spanish/Danish)
    Age: 23; San Francisco, CA
  18. Nicole Mallari Narlock (Filipino/German)
    Age: 22; Sacremento, CA
  19. Julie Shuk Chong Tam - 譚淑莊 (Chinese)
    Age: 26;  So. Lake Tahoe, CA
  20. Chelsea Chien-Yung Kuo - 郭千詠 (Taiwanese/Japanese)
    Age: 22; Davis, CA
  21. Mary Nargis Saleh (Afghan/Turkish/Persian)
    Age: 20; Cupertino, CA
  22. Elizabeth Yin Leong - 梁海燕 (Chinese)
    Age: 22; San Maleo, CA
  23. Stephanie Lauren Wong (Chinese)
    Age: 23; Santa Clara, CA

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