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Twelve young ladies with Chinese origins will be beauty rivals next Sunday in Paris for the election of Miss China France. The key to a place in the election of Miss Chinese International next year in Hong-Kong.

Miss China France

Presentation of the 12 candidates

French with Chinese ancestry, or a Chinese student in France, you just need to be older than 18, measure more than 1.57m and live in France to participate.

Miss China France

  • Jilei Ma (01)
    Paris; 25 years, 1.63m, 47kg, measurements: 77-63-89, hotel employee
  • Angela Wang (02)
    Toulouse; 23 years, 1.63m, 49kg, measurements: 85-66-85, student
  • Hang Yin (03)
    Lyon; 20 years, 1.58m, 44kg, measurements: 81-65-89, student

Miss China France

  • Chang Liu (04)
    Paris; 23 years, 1.80m, 62kg, measurements: 89-72-99, student
  • Eve Lan (05)
    Paris; 23 years, 1.70m, 48kg, measurements: 85-66-85, shop assistant
  • Jennifer Chung (06)
    Caen; 18 years, 1.75m, 55kg, measurements: 88-70-91, student

Miss China France

  • Betty Li (07)
    Paris; 21 years, 1.69m, 53kg, measurements: 83-68-93, import assistant
  • Cathy Luong (08)
    Paris; 25 years, 1.68m, 54kg, measurements: 84-65-91, choreographer
  • Nancy Tran (09)
    Paris; 23 years, 1.59m, 44kg, measurements: 75-58-89, accountant

Miss China France

  • Lulin Deng (10)
    Paris; 23 years, 1.64m, 47kg, measurements: 78-62-87, student
  • Huizi Song (11)
    Paris; 18 years, 1.67m, 53kg, measurements: 82-65-90, student
  • Donna Ye (12)
    Paris; 25 years, 1.64m, 49kg, measurements: 82-69-92, student

The final will take place on Sunday 28th September, Dejazet Theatre (41 Boulevard du Temple, Paris 3) between 1:30 and 3:30 pm. The winner will represent France at the Miss China Europe  contest on the 1st of December. The Miss Europe winner will then compete in the Miss Chinese International 2009 contest in Hong-Kong.

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