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The Bunu, a sub-group of the Yao minority in Bama county, Guangxi Province held celebrations to welcome the Zhuzhu Festival.

Bunu Yao people

The local people of Fan Yao 番瑶, Landing Yao 蓝靛瑶, Tu Yao 土瑶 and Anding Yao 安定瑶 etc were coming to celebrate the festival too. All these kinds of Yao style clothes became a very attractive scene.

back of Bunu Yao

Tu Yao

Bunu Yao children

Landing Yao

Anding Yao

Bunu ethnic minority - 布努瑶; Yao ethnic minority - 瑶族; Zhuzhu Festival - 祝著节.

Gwendoline Mo

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