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My regret
Posted by: Jjejeadk (IP Logged)
Date: March 03, 2013 06:37AM
I met a western girl on the trip in Huangshan last summer, she left me a deep impression in my heart.
She was so beautiful that when my family and I passed by, my family all made me pay attention to her. I was obviously aware of her, she was with her family talking to a vendor who sold barbecue. Because of her beauty the vendor kept a smile, she also has three sisters who are also pretty but not as beautiful as her.
I was attracted by her and want to talk to her, but I was too shy to do that. My young aunt encouraged me to communicate with foreigners face to face though she didn’t speak English, and I rejected.
Finally my aunt pulled me with a camera in hand to chat up that girl, yet I remained hesitant. I was about to meet her when my mind went blank, young aunt patted her on the shoulder and she turned when I just felt very hot on my face.
I cant say any word and my aunt performed some body language to her, which meant we want her to take a photo with us. To my disappointment, she refused by keeping shaking, I thought she didn’t seem to understand our intention, anyway she refused us and we left in disappointment.
Later I met her at the next spot again, she changed her haircut as an elegant lady, and this time I wanna try again. Unfortunately my family was calling me, so I missed her again.
Until now, I can’t still forget her.

Re: My regret
Posted by: Jjejeadk (IP Logged)
Date: March 03, 2013 10:48AM
She is the most beautiful western girl I've met, I promise.
Before this I also met with some western girl with long golden hair and blue eyes, they were nice but this one attracted me more.
I regret why I didn't say any word to her even if "hi", but it's too late, maybe I have no more chance to meet her.

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