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How to Recover Lost Contacts photos msm from iPhone5 or iPhone4S ?
Posted by: Loveqsking (IP Logged)
Date: October 12, 2013 01:15PM
I'm great to share my experience with you.I always thought some trouble in the daily.Recently, my iPhone have some data lost, Lost Text Messages, Deleted Photos/ Contacts/ Videos by mistake.etc, This is also I want to share with you.Recently. I collect some good websites on the Internet, There are some good ways to solve these problems.Hope this helps!

However, due to its complex data files and data structures, many people and developer think that it is almost impossible to recover deleted iPhone 5 Contacts by careless, or even if the iPhone device was damaged, restore factory settings, formatting, upgrade, downgrade or more, they regard this sort of destruction as “Lost Forever”.

As a matter of fact, this view is wrong! In fact, the lost or deleted contacts are still in the memory of iPhone 5 but they are just invisible, and the data are to be written over by new data. We have no idea to get the deleted or lost contacts back but with help of iPhone Contacts Recovery. It’s the world's 1st data recovery software for iOS users to recover lost data including Contacts, SMS, Photo, Video, Notes, Call history and more from iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.

Next , follow us to learn 2 modes to recover the lost or deleted contacts from iPhone 5.

Tutorials 1: Directly Recover Lost Contacts from iPhone 4/4S/5/6

Step 1: Install Program and Connect iPhone to Computer

You need to download and installed the iPhone Data Recovery on your computer,and select “"Recover from iOS Device"” to recover lost data from your iPhone directly without backup.

Note: Use this mode, you need to set your iPhone into DFU mode before scanning.

Step.2: Enter DFU mode to scan your device
Follow the steps below to get into DFU mode before scanning your device for lost data.

1) Hold your device and click “Start” button in the interface of iPhone/iPad/iPod Recovery.
2) Hold “Power” and “Home” buttons on your device at the same time for exact 10 seconds. The Software will count time for you. Just hold the two buttons immediately after step 1.
3) When 10 seconds passed, release the “Power” button right away, but keep holding the “Home” button. After another 10 seconds, you’ll be informed that you’ve successfully entered the DFU mode and you can release the “Home” button now.
4) Then the software begins scanning your device automatically for lost data, and you’ll get the interface as follow.

Step.3: Scan iPhone, Preview and Selectively Recover Deleted Contacts

When your iPhone connection is successful, you’ll see all items scanned by the iPhone Contacts recovery application. Of course, including the contacts that stored in your iPhone devices. This is tool is capable of automatically scanning all data stored on your iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 6; After confirmation, hit the “Recover” to start.

You also can recover lost Text messages from iPhone directly:

Of course,if you want to recover photos,video,notes or other lost data,you can select the files you need to recovery.This is a powerful iPhone data recovery,you can free download and try:
Dr Fone.

Tutorials 2: Extract and recover iPhone Contacts from iTunes Backup files

This recovery mode provides for all those iPhone users that their iPhone was damaged, lost or stolen.You must ensure that you’ve made a backup with your iTunes before, If not backup, you can use the Tutorials 1 to recover contacts from iPhone directly.

Step 1: Connect iPhone via USB, Scan the Backup File:

Once the program has started it can be able to automatically scan all iOS devices backup files from iTunes, you can opt to specify a backup as you need and it may take seconds to list all of your items including: music, photos, movies, contacts, text message, call history, notes.etc. Then hit "Start Scan".

Step 2: Preview the Contacts and Recover iPhone Contacts Selectively:

As the screenshot showed bellow, all desired contents will be listed in a tree view and display details with an intuitive way. When you click the “Contacts” option on the left-hand list, the contacts details will show on the right-hand side. Each contacts corresponds to display text message, the Human-based design must let the user feel be convenient.

You can preview and then select the contacts you want, if your contacts too many, try the "search" function to find what you want. In the meanwhile, you're allowed to preview and recover other items like photos, music, movies, text message, note and more. As soon as everything was ready. click the "Recover" button to begin to recover lost contacts from iTunes backup files.

More Informations.

In addition:
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Data Recovery for iTunes-Recover lost Data for iPhone iPad iPod.

How to recover deleted files on iPhone 5 iphone 4S iphone 4 iOS 7?

Iphone data recovery and iTunes data recovery on Mac and Windows computer.

Afte update to iOS 7 system how to recover iphone 5S/4S/4/3GS lost data.

Youtube tell U more:
Iphone data recovery.

Re: How to Recover Lost Contacts photos msm from iPhone5 or iPhone4S ?
Posted by: Thornton (IP Logged)
Date: October 25, 2013 11:11PM
Watch the Video Demo :

Dr.Fone for iOS : []

Dr.Fone for iOS (PC+Mac) is the World's 1st iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Recovery software for personal users that can recover data directly from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, including contacts, photos, videos, SMS, iMessages, call history, notes, reminders, voice memos, etc., as well as retrieve previous data by extracting it from iTunes backup.

Newly support iOS 7 and iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C!

Re: How to Recover Lost Contacts photos msm from iPhone5 or iPhone4S ?
Posted by: Maccolar (IP Logged)
Date: October 28, 2013 10:01PM
You may try this iPhone data recovery (, it can help you retrieve contacts and photos from your iPhone, supports all series of iPhone, even the latest iPhone 5s.

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Re: How to Recover Lost Contacts photos msm from iPhone5 or iPhone4S ?
Posted by: Loveqsking (IP Logged)
Date: November 09, 2013 08:21AM
iOS 7 iPhone Recovery-recover lost Contacts from iPhone after update to iOS7

Have ever you lost photo from your iPhone 5S? or accident delete photo on iPhone 5s.For some reason,you might lost photo or other files on iPhone 5s. However,how to recover photo from iPhone 5s? When you accidentally deleted precious photos from an iPhone 5, you can get lost photo back on iphone 5s.

iPhone 5S Photo Recovery can help you recover lost photo on iPhone 5s, it also allows you recover other lost data from iphone 5s, including contacts, SMS, camera roll, call history, notes, reminders, voice memos and more.What's more,it supports recover lost data from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The key features of iOS Data Recovery:
1 Extract data from iTunes Backup on computer
2 Recover Photo Message, contact, note, calendar, call history, voice memo, photo, video, voicemail App Data etc
3 Restore SMS, Contact, calendar, note, bookmark etc to iPhone 5s directly
4 Retrieve data from encrypted iTunes Backup with your backup password
5 Detect all iTunes Backup files automatically on computer
6 Smart File System to view and extract all data in iTunes backup to file
7 Work perfectly for all iPhone 5s and iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS, iPad and iPod Touch

Related Tutorial:
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How to Recover lost data on iPhone 5S

Use guide to recover lost SMS from iPhone 5/4S

ios 7 update iPhone Photo Recovery to restore lost photo from iPhone 5/4S/4

Re: How to Recover Lost Contacts photos msm from iPhone5 or iPhone4S ?
Posted by: Vytasoso (IP Logged)
Date: November 19, 2013 06:53AM
Most iPhone/iPad/iPod users don’t know what to do when they accidently deleted their datas, this article shows you 3 simple steps to quickly recover deleted contacts, messages, call history, notes, Calendars, reminders and Safari bookmarks by using iPhone/iPad/iPod Recovery software.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Recovery is the world’s 1st iPhone, iPad & iPod touch data recovery software.You can not only use it to recover deleted data but also to scan camera roll, photo stream, photo library, message attachments and voice memos that exist on your device.

Newly support iOS 7 and iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C!

Note: Don’t use your device after you lost data from it. Any operation on your device can generate new data, which can overwrite your lost data and make it unrecoverable.

Step 1. Connect your device to the computer

Free download iPhone/iPad/iPod Recovery and run the software on your computer, then connect your device (eg. iPhone 5). Then you’ll see the window below.

How to recover from iPhone iPad iPod-01.jpg

Step 2. Scan your device for deleted data on it

This step is a littile different for different generation of Apple device, please choose the right one according to your device.

If you’re using iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S, iPad mini, iPad with Retina display, The New iPad, iPad 2/1, and iPod touch 5, iPhone/iPad/iPod Recovery software will automately recognize your device, therefore you can click “Start Scan” to start scanning your device for deleted data.

How to recover from iPhone iPad iPod-02.jpg

But for iPhone 4/3GS, iPad 1 & iPod touch 4 users, you need to download a plug-in before you scan them. Please click the Download button on the window, and it will only take you 1-2 minutes.

How to recover from iPhone iPad iPod-02-01.jpg

When the plug-in is installed, you’ll be informed that you’ve successfully entered the device’s scanning mode.Now you can click “Start” button and iPhone/iPad/iPod Recovery will automatically begin scanning your device for data on it as follows.

How to recover from iPhone iPad iPod-02-02.jpg

Step 3. Preview and recover your data selectively

After the scan, you can preview all data found on your device in the scan result. Click the categories on the left side of the window like camera roll, contacts, messages, etc. You can preview all the details of them (except for videos). Mark what you want and click Recover to save them on your computer with one click.

How to recover from iPhone iPad iPod-03.jpg

Note: The data displayed in the scan result contains deleted and existing items on your device. Both of them have their own color. If you want to separate them, you can use the button on the top: Only display the deleted items.

As the world’s 1st iPhone, iPad & iPod touch data recovery software, iPhone/iPad/iPod Recovery offers apple users more than simple data recovery.It can also helps you to recover data from iTunes Backup for all iOS devices.No more hesitate, now free download this iPhone/iPad/iPod Recovery for free trial.

Re: How to Recover Lost Contacts photos msm from iPhone5 or iPhone4S ?
Posted by: Chinalovea (IP Logged)
Date: December 07, 2013 08:33AM
But I tend to back up your data, if sometimes, I forgot to backup the data, I will use data recovery software, recently, I was using Easeus iPhone Data Recovery software,it can recover Contacts/Messages/Notes/Call History/Calendars/Reminders/Bookmarks/Photos/Videos/Camera Roll/Photo stream/message attachments,and it support recover from iTunes backup.

Re: How to Recover Lost Contacts photos msm from iPhone5 or iPhone4S ?
Posted by: Loveqsking (IP Logged)
Date: December 12, 2013 10:26AM
When you synchronize your iPhone with iTunes then it automatically create backup of all data. As you say that you deleted your backup by yourself, then it can not be recovered with any manual method. There are also some reason by which stored data is deleted or corrupted due to some problem like storage disk failure, system problem and many more. So if your data is important for you and you really want to know how to restore contacts on iphone and create backup of your iPhone easily. I also use the iPhone Contact Recovery software for same problem and I successfully solved my problem. I hope this tool also solve your problem.

One. Recover contacts from iPhone yourself via iTune:

1. Connect your phone with iTune on computer
2. Right-click or control-click on the iPhone icon under iDevice on iTunes
3. Select "Restore from Backup" from the given options
4. After it finishs, your contacts are back to your iPhone

Important Note: This works only if you have made a backup for your contacts on iTunes.

Two. Recover contacts from iPhone by using third party iPhone contact recovery software

If you have no backup for your contacts, you can download iPhone contacts recovery software in order to overcome the problem and restore iPhone contacts loss. Still you have not recovered lost contact from iPhone, some on-line applications also available which can be helpful in restoring precious contact details, probably will be able to find the solution to some extent.

If you require an exact solution to the given issue download software from [] , use software and recover contacts from iPhone.

With the help of iPhone Data Recovery you can also do the following:
* Get contacts back from iPhone automatically within a few minutes
* Retrieve all lost or deleted contacts, SMS messages, pictures, notes, etc. from iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and 3GS
* No need of manual configuration or specific technology and skill

You can easily switch your iPhone 5S to iPhone 5/4 and iPhone 4s without the loss of your important contacts, You can easily upgrade your firmware without fear contact loss and it is compatible with Windows as well as Mac.

The Best way to Restore iPhone Contacts

How to Recover Contacts from iPhone 5S

The best way to recover iPhone 5 Contacts

How to recover iPhone lost SMS messages

Re: How to Recover Lost Contacts photos msm from iPhone5 or iPhone4S ?
Posted by: Jeffrmiller (IP Logged)
Date: April 16, 2015 03:26AM
Recommend you can use Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery Mac, which can easily recover all lost data from iPhone, no matter you lost iPhone data due to iOS 8.2/8.1/8/7.1 updates, jailbreak, factory reset and other reasons.
This is the best I have used. It can recover 98% lost data

Re: How to Recover Lost Contacts photos msm from iPhone5 or iPhone4S ?
Posted by: Cemder (IP Logged)
Date: May 18, 2015 06:17AM
What have you done to that iPhone after losing your needed data there? in fact, from my understanding, there are often two ways to rescue data back from iPhone:

1).Directly copy all needed phone stuffs back from backups.
When you do have prepared phone backups on other drives or online storage, you can directly copy them all back.

2).Directly rescue all lost or deleted stuffs back from the phone memory card with data recovery software.
If you do have saved everything well on the phone memory card in advance, you can immediately try some data recovery programs to go on. There are many similar data recovery software that can deeply scan your card and rescue your preferred card stuffs back.

Here are articles for you to know more related stuffs:
how to recover lost photos from iPhone
how to recover lost text messages from iPhone
how to recover lost contacts on iPhone

Always prepare phone card data backups well from now on.
Good luck!

Re: How to Recover Lost Contacts photos msm from iPhone5 or iPhone4S ?
Posted by: Kinmera (IP Logged)
Date: June 01, 2015 09:32AM
As a data recovery tool, iPhone 5 data recovery is welcomed by many users. It can help you get back your contacts, messages, photos, videos, call history, music, voice memos, and many other types of data. It is also compatible to many iDevice, whether iPhone 6/ 6 Plus/ 5s/5c/5/4s or iPad. So long as you are iDevice users, you can retrieve all lost photos due to jailbreak.

Now read the article to learn how to recover deleted photos from iPhone 5 when jailbreak iPhone. No matter you are Windows user or Mac user, iPhone Data Recovery is compatible to it.
how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone 5
how to restore contacts on iPhone 5

Re: How to Recover Lost Contacts photos msm from iPhone5 or iPhone4S ?
Posted by: Baselxy (IP Logged)
Date: June 03, 2015 10:16PM
You also can try the iPhone comtacts Recovery, which can help you restore all comtacts from iTunes by extracing the backup, every you sync your iPhone to iTunes, the iTunes always makes backup for your iPhone contacts, SMS, calendar, notes, photos, videos and more. What's more,this iPhone Data Recovery provides iPhone users another recovery mode--Recover contacts from iPhone directly? Without backup iTunes,if you have your iPhone is in hand,you can recover iPhone contacts with this recovery mode. Hope it can help you!

How to Recover Photos from iPhone 5/4S/4 the Easy Way?
How to Recover Deleted, Lost Text Messages from iPhone 5/4S/4 on Mac

Re: How to Recover Lost Contacts photos msm from iPhone5 or iPhone4S ?
Posted by: Gogeny (IP Logged)
Date: June 13, 2015 01:08PM
It's so bad when you lost your important text messages on your iPhone, especially if you don't have a backup. More and more people like new technological toys such as iPhone and iPad.
How to Recover deleted Photos from iPhone
iPhone video Recovery
However, how to keep your data safe or restore iOS data when something terrible happened? And iTunes Recovery is a kind of "All or Nothing", you can't selectively choose the data you need. You need more powerful and professional recovery software to help you. iPhone Recovery, which is designed for iOS system such as iPhone, iPod, iPad to restore data easily.
How to Recover iPhone Contacts
iPhone Data Recovery, the third party, offers you two ways to recover video, photo,Message, contact, note, calendar event, call history, voice memo, camera roll, voicemail, etc. You can straight retrieve them from iPhone or iTunes backup. It all works. if you need more details, please click tutorials below.
How to Recover Lost Safari Bookmarks from iPhone

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