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New HSK Chinese proficiency test, Chinese legend concerns in the world
Posted by: Mandarin.Garden (IP Logged)
Date: February 26, 2015 09:52PM
New HSK Chinese proficiency test is a test series of the first non-Chinese language HSK examination.It examined candidates in school or in work environments, such as governmental departments, enterprises and other institutions using Chinese for communication and the ability to communicate.HSK in 1990 in Taiwan in 1991, officially to overseas and now has 35 cities and 37 countries and regions have set up the test.By the end of 2005, there have been candidates in more than 500,000 people from more than 120 countries and regions took part in HSK.

If you and your friends are about to enter China to live or work, or are about to enter Chinese universities to study, you may need to get a written confirmation of the new HSK Chinese proficiency test.Mandarin Garden offers professional and HSK training courses of different levels of difficulty will give you very help.

More and more foreigners are studying Chinese, and their motivation to learn Chinese, from the world's emerging "China fever" more important is based on the national cultural heritage.

Hilton is a blond little girl, only 1 years and 10 months old, she grew up in New York, but she knows there are more Chinese than English.This is a rainy day because her parents to make Hilton grew up, can maintain its strong competitiveness, and as early as to make investments.Hilton's father purposely requested the Chinese language proficiency of Chinese friends detect nanny to ensure Hilton studied pure Mandarin.Her father is very proud for this investment, "even though my daughter is not very smart, she can always find work in the future, as she can speak fluent Chinese. ”

One United States introducing job experience at the 2005 graduates of MBA at Harvard said, "where a resume that features the Chinese people are hot.

Mike stayed in China for over two years later, adopted the new HSK Chinese proficiency test.His return to the United States Shi, there was an "alien" feel.Because he is used to having everything in China.He said that learning Chinese in addition to other than for him to get a good job, let him meet lots of lovely people.

With is United States to of Jenny also has such of feels, she speaking China work zhiqian, she understanding to China is a is old of national, has many traditional habits, fear life will is stuffy, but to has here yihou, she found has so more of things let she fascinated, she now is learning calligraphy, because this is foreigners learn Chinese most difficult of part, she hopes himself can wrote hand beautiful of characters, as only "no white to China a trip", she like and China colleagues to Kara OK, loudly of vent work of pressure, She was also used in a Chinese restaurant with friends while eating, talking aloud, she says it makes her a good time.

Learning Chinese is not just about passing the exam, it is in order to learn the Chinese culture, the new HSK Chinese proficiency test is actually traveling in China started along the walking all the way to learn is to learn the right way of Chinese culture.

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