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TEFL language lessons, reason for foreigners to stay in Shanghai
Posted by: Mandarin.Garden (IP Logged)
Date: March 06, 2015 01:28AM
Learn language now seems to be a fad, there was always new tricks, such as sleeping nice recording.Mandarin garden unique TEFL language courses for foreigners in Shanghai can use their mother tongue for teaching and schools continue to learn Chinese in China.In other words, TEFL courses for people to pursue lifelong learning, will never be interrupted.

Reason to love Shanghai
Joshua: in College, we majored in East Asian studies, completed after four years of undergraduate study and obtained a Bachelor's degree.I studied Chinese in MG.Because somebody told him that MG is the best schools in the teaching of Chinese in Shanghai, the TEFL language courses.Eventually, he chose to come to work in Shanghai.

View of Shanghai
Joshua: I think Shanghai is an East-West blend together in the city.Shanghai is a place of special deeply influenced by Western culture, Shanghai's young people and there are many similarities in the West, for example, their pursuit of fashion and emphasis than the rest, for the Americans, business and money is very important, and this is reflected also in Shanghai.

Anna: I come to Shanghai for more than two months, limited to their Chinese level now and can only communicate with the student.But I'm trying to adapt to and accept the cultural differences.Under the recommendations, encouraged the students, I went to a KTV.

At first, I didn't quite fit in, there is no such place in the West.But here, there is a closed room and his friends get together and sing, totally relaxed, I gradually got used to it.Don't know how to sing these songs were what, but from the look of the students were in high spirits on, I can understand Chinese young people to the traditional understanding of the Outlook on life.These are for my TEFL language courses help.

Of course, equally important is, I want to help every learning TEFL students made greater progress, English learning goal into a reality.

TEFL language courses in Shanghai and other cities extended at present in order to increase the training of native-speaking English teachers, and substantially improve the quality of foreign teachers in English teaching.

And teacher certification in China, foreigners who wanted to become a qualified foreign language teacher is to break through the heavy obstacles, TEFL teachers vocational qualifications is provided a good environment for foreigners has been learning atmosphere, study and examination in Shanghai also helped foreigners to better learn the language more quickly and become qualified teachers.

Re: TEFL language lessons, reason for foreigners to stay in Shanghai
Posted by: Egor (IP Logged)
Date: March 07, 2015 09:05PM

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